5 Benefits of Hosting a Social Media Contest

Every business needs to be active on different social media channels. How can your company be more active on social media? Post different types of social media content regularly. One of the best ways to have a strong online presence is to host a social media contest. Everyone from the big brands to an entrepreneur benefits from this specific type of online business activity. Start increasing your revenue today once you realize the five remarkable benefits of social media contests.

1. Increase Engagement

What is engagement and how is it important? If you are active online but are not putting out any interesting content, then people are not going to engage with your brand. If you post something interesting with value, then people will start contributing to the conversation and spread the word. Look at your social media posts if you have them, and see if people are liking, commenting, tweeting, and sharing your posts. Even if they are doing all of those things, a social media contest will further increase the amount of customer engagement.

2. Expand Brand Awareness

One simple way to expand brand awareness is to host a social media contest. People who are not following you have a chance to hear about your brand because others will be talking about your contest. If you create a contest asking people to submit photos, videos, or other interesting content, the chances of others seeing your brand name increases. For example, one person shares a fun photo with your brand drink or energy bar included. Next, his or her friends see it and then participate in the contest even if they have never seen the brand before. The great thing about this is this form of a word to mouth advertising really works because people get more chances to see the brand product. Give users easy ways to share the social media contest by including different shareable links to different social media platforms.

3. Increase Your Subscribers And Collect Rich Data

How can you add people to your email list? One great way to add more people to your subscriber list is to host a social media contest. If someone wishes to participate in your contest, have them sign up using their email. You can create this option through an online advertisement that leads to an information capture page. Make it even more interesting by creating a contest that ties in with current events. Add a sense of urgency to your contest by including a countdown. The visible countdown will motivate people to sign up quickly. This is one of the best ways to get important business data for your future marketing campaigns. Unlock the Power of Content Marketing Today!

social media contest, 5 Benefits of Hosting a Social Media Contest, Business Marketing Engine

4. Improve Your Sales By Implementing Fun Methods

Ready for a useful sales tip? Create a quality social media contest and watch your profits increase. People love feeling connected to old and new brands. Plus, this marketing strategy makes your business look fun. Gone are the days when companies kept a distance from their customers. Now, people are used to being able to connect with brands more often. Furthermore, running a great contest will give you a chance to bring up your brand’s products and services more than other times. Use this attention on your brand to your advantage. While the social media contest is running, don’t neglect your other types of social media postings. Give viewers more opportunities to discover your valuable message. Let them find out how you can help their specific needs. Review your stats before your contest, during, and after to see the progress towards your sales goals.

5. Give A Reason For People To Follow Your Brand

Perhaps, some people have seen your online ads but are still not becoming customers or, at least, followers of your brand. Sometimes ads are not enough to sway a potential customer. One way to motivate people to follow your brand is to host a social media contest. Select a great prize that will have everyone talking. Stand out from the competition that is not doing anything fun and interesting to draw new people to their products and services.

Create an ad campaign just for your contest. Write about it in your company blog. Post information about your social media contest on all of your company’s social media profiles. Make a video about your current contest. Get as creative as you want for your social media contest. Protect your contest from cheaters or any legal issues by implementing the right steps for your social media contest. If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We would love to help you create your first social media contest or to give you helpful feedback about any that you plan for the future. Unlock the Power of Content Marketing Today!

social media contest, 5 Benefits of Hosting a Social Media Contest, Business Marketing Engine