TBL Episode 67: Using Entrepreneurship to Reinvent Yourself

While in grade school, Wally Carmichael realized he was an entrepreneur. Even while he was in the military, he still found ways to put his entrepreneurial tendencies to work. After Wally realized he was, in fact, living his dream, he decided to work on a book which led him on a journey of abundance. Wally recently spoke Gabe on Today’s Business Leaders.

Finding a Better Way

Wally grew up near Phoenix, and while he had wonderful parents, life was always a bit of a struggle. His uncle suggested that he join the military, and it took some time for Wally to come around to this idea, but it ended up completely changing the course of his life. The military gave Wally structure, leadership and mentorship. These are all skills Wally continues to use to this day. After 25 years in the military, Wally left and officially started his career as an entrepreneur. As Wally explains, “It’s been a crazy, crazy life. It’s been a lot of fun. I’ve learned a lot. I messed up a lot. I failed a lot, and I think that’s why I’m where I’m at today.”

Realizing the Dream

Wally was always working and chasing down new ideas and looking for ways to increase his bottom line. One day he realized that he already had everything he wanted. He was living his dream. At this point, he decided to be grateful and appreciate his current situation, and once he came to that conclusion more came into his life in terms of relationships and opportunities.

Life of Abundance

One thing led to another, and Wally found himself hosting a podcast in which he talks to amazing people from all walks of life, from multi-millionaires to people paying things forward and more really intriguing people leading fascinating journeys. Wally is using the stories he collects to write a book. Wally also has a coaching business and helps entrepreneurs navigate their way.

Learn More

Get in touch with Wally via email, LinkedIn, Facebook, and check out the Men of Abundance Community on Facebook, the AP Mastery Facebook page or visit his website. You can also learn about Gabe’s business and the solutions available. Listen to other episodes of Today’s Business Leaders for more stories and first-hand advice from entrepreneurs.

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