Episode 89

Dave Woodward And Starting The New Year Right With The One Funnel Away Challenge – (Episode 89)

I start out asking Dave about how the One Funnel Away Challenge got started and why ClickFunnels has spearheaded this process. We talk about Dave’s process for creating the ideal customer to shape your client and corporate culture, and about the testing process involved. Dave recommends looking at what works in other niches and industries and emulating the best of what you find. A good idea is a good idea, and expecting to develop the best ideas in your industry on your own isn’t realistic.

At this point, we get more detail about the One Funnel Away Challenge specifically. Dave lays it out in simple language (one of the characteristics I like best about talking with him), and he gives specifics for entrepreneurs to follow for their own business. Your challenge begins with a 30-day commitment from ClickFunnels for a concentrated, focused effort to get your first funnel started. They will ensure you get at least one funnel working in that time, and they have daily accountability check-ins to help clients stay on target.

Your first week is all about establishing or discarding beliefs and overcoming the obstacles that exist in your own mind. The remaining weeks of your 30 day challenge are devoted to taking incremental actions daily. As you take action, you start to see success from your efforts as the funnel builds and feeds. Dave also shares some tips for multi-dimensional marketing, front end/back end returns, and how to understand your audience when composing marketing for SMS, email and social media. He also details the critical components of maintaining a vision of where you’re going, how to leverage network marketing, and his own secrets of ecommerce success.

I hope you enjoy this episode of our podcast, and that you benefit from Dave Woodward’s advice and tips for getting 2020 off to a successful start. Check out Dave’s website and feel free to contact him about your own One Funnel Away Challenge. See you next time! You can connect with Dave via email, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Find out more about the solutions available from Business Marketing Engine. Learn more actionable advice from leading entrepreneurs by listening to more installments of Today’s Business Leaders.

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