Episode 84

Learning How to Abandon Your Ego to Run Your Business – (Episode 84)

Janis Pettit makes her second visit to Today’s Business Leaders to talk about how CEOs can both help and sabotage their businesses. During her 30 years of being an entrepreneur, Janis has run four successful companies. She has employed a whole lot of trial and error, but she has always come out on top and learned so much actionable advice along the way.

You Can’t Get Away from Yourself

Janis shares a common adage about how business problems are always well disguised personal problems. A lot of the problems entrepreneurs face are really just personal issues. “I think all entrepreneurs have a certain amount of fear that steers them in the wrong direction one time or another,” Janis explains. “Once you develop a certain level of self-awareness, and you see that for what it is, it’s just fear that’s holding you back, everything changes and you’re able to push through that and make the right decisions for your business.”

Attachment Issues

Janis has seen plenty of entrepreneurs who fall in love with a bad idea. They become too emotionally attached to this idea, and they fail to realize or acknowledge that maybe their idea isn’t that great. Simple research would indicate there isn’t a need or demand for their idea, and there are actually other business plans and ideas that would be a better fit, but they make up their mind and go for it.

This is self-sabotage. A certain level of detachment is necessary, so entrepreneurs are able to be free to new possibilities in their business. Through personal growth and focus, entrepreneurs can connect with who they are in their heart, and they can stop putting on a show for other people.

Enjoying the Freedom of Entrepreneurship

Janis goes on to explain more about working from the inside out to build relationships, the value of self-reflection and how this all relates back to growing your business. Get in touch with Janis through email, visit her site, connect on LinkedIn, Facebook or YouTube. Hear more interviews with leading entrepreneurs by listening to other episodes of Today’s Business Leaders and find out more about Business Marketing Engine, Gabe’s company, and the available solutions.

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