Episode 83

Looking to Strike Gold Twice as an Entrepreneur (Episode 83)

Donnie Boivin spent 20 years in sales, and an offhand comment made him realize it was time for a change. It turns out he was not at all prepared for that change, but he figured out what worked and continued to learn and is now running a successful coaching business and is at the helm of a top podcast. Donnie visits Today’s Business Leaders to share his story, lots of actionable advice and his plans to launch a new podcast.

Being His Own Boss

Donnie worked in sales, and he was good at it, but he realized he worked his entire career enabling someone else to retire. This pushed Donnie to become an entrepreneur, and one of the first things he learned on this journey was that everything he thought he knew about being an entrepreneur was wrong.

“When I made the jump, I kept trying to create a job for myself versus a business,” explains Donnie. He was always an employee and reporting to someone else, so while he had leadership skills, it was still an adjustment to being his own boss. At a certain point, Donnie was all in personally and professionally and was on the verge of losing it all.

The Role of Podcasting

After a motivational pep talk from his wife, Donnie knew he had to turn things around. He agreed to be a guest on a podcast, and this single event altered his path going forward. After appearing on that podcast, he landed a client, so he managed to get himself on every podcast he possibly could. Donnie appeared on 67 podcasts over a 30-day period. It was intense and a grind, but he did it.

This led to Donnie creating his own podcast, Donnie Success Champions. The entire experience has been complete trial and error. He started out with very basic equipment, and over time, Donnie has upgraded his gear and fine-tuned the process to create a top 200 podcast. He is now speaking about podcasting and is able to grow his business. “[Podcasting] got me to where I wanted to go, it just wasn’t the path I was choosing,” says Donnie.

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