TBL Episode 76: Focusing on the Right Process to Grow Your Business

Jaime Jay returns to Today’s Business Leaders to talk about how things have changed in the past year, what he would do differently if he had it all to do over again, how Gabe’s influence has impacted his business and what the future holds.

Maintaining Focus

These days Jaime is fully focusing on his business, Bottleneck Virtual Assistants. Last time he visited the show, Jaime was in transition. He was in the process of letting go of one business in order to go full in on his new company, Bottleneck Virtual Assistants. While Jaime felt this was the right decision, it was still frightening to let go of the financial security that his initial business offered.

Fine-Tuning the Process

As he has set up his new business, Jaime has learned firsthand that getting the right processes in place makes the day-to-day operations so much easier. “Implementing all of these different things and getting the company set up correctly is a big deal. I’ve had plenty of time to fail and fall flat on my face and say sure, let’s just do this and worry about setting everything up later,” explains Jaime, “and that came back to bite me so hard.” With the advantage of hindsight, Jaime admits that had he taken the time to set up his first business correctly, then things would have run so much more smoothly.

Team Effort

Jaime believes that establishing and taking care of his team is pivotal to the success of his business. His team takes care of their clients, so the right team ensures clients are happy and receiving quality service which keeps the business strong.

One of the best ways to take care of his team, Jaime feels, is to improve communication. Listening to feedback from team members and clients enables Jaime and his team to adjust their systems and processes to ensure everyone’s needs are addressed.

Help Your Bottom Line

Reach out to Jaime through email, Facebook, Linkedin or check out his site to learn more about Bottleneck Virtual Assistants. Also, listen to find out how you can land a great deal by adding a virtual assistant to your team. You can also visit Business Marketing Engine, Gabe’s company, to find out more about the solutions available and learn more actionable advice.

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