TBL Episode 75: How to Master Content to Amplify Your Business

Daniel Daines-Hutt essentially became an entrepreneur because he didn’t want to move. This turned out to be a wise and profitable decision as Daniel explains in this episode of Today’s Business Leaders. From designing t-shirts to mastering content creation strategies, Daniel has had an educational and unexpected journey.

Finding His Way

Daniel is from England but ended up spending a working holiday in New Zealand. He wanted to stay in New Zealand, but due to visa issues, he was going to have to leave. When he discovered that he could stay on if he became an entrepreneur, Daniel formulated a plan.

Daniel’s first business was designing and selling t-shirts. His online marketing efforts proved highly effective, and the business grew to the point that Daniel and his partner were having trouble keeping up.

Finding a Better Way

People began to notice just how effective Daniel’s marketing strategies were, so requests for help poured in. Daniel took this opportunity to change things up. He sold the t-shirt business and began helping people promote their businesses through content marketing. He maintains two blogs. One focuses on content promotion and writing and the second addresses re-targeting.

Learning by Doing

“I’ve made a lot of mistakes,” explains Daniel, “and that’s how I’ve learned the smart things.” Through continued work and effort, it is possible to figure out how to create content or do whatever you set out to do. Once you have this knowledge, you can replicate the process and quickly and easily do what needs to happen going forward.

Balancing Act

Daniel thinks it is necessary to measure praise and criticism about the same. Listening to too much of either can throw you off course. It’s also important to find people worth following and pay attention to who you’re letting influence you. Pick and choose who you look to for inspiration. It may be worthwhile to find different influencers for different aspects of your business.

Learn How to Master Hacks

Reach out to Daniel through email, Twitter or visit his company’s site. Learn more about the solutions offered through Gabe’s business and learn more about entrepreneurship from leading hustlers and visionaries by listening to other installments of Today’s Business Leaders.

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