TBL Episode 74: Tips to Hack Social Behavior as an Entrepreneur

Ben Matteucci is back to share more actionable advice that can help you navigate both business and personal relationships. From his days working door-to-door sales, up through running his own business, Ben learned the value of reading body language. Ben and Gabe share what they’ve both learned along the way to help make sense of people’s actions and behaviors and how this knowledge can help grow your business.

Learning on the Go

Ben was first introduced to the concept of body language while working in sales. He was required to read about interpreting body language in order to better communicate with prospective clients. Figuring how what signals people were giving, from their tone and how they positioned themselves and so on, in addition to what they were actually saying, gave Ben insight into what they really meant.

Getting Through Smokescreens

Ben used what he learned about interpreting body language to quickly tailor his strategy to fit each individual’s needs and perspective and help close sales. Based on the success he found a general interest, Ben continued to study and read up on body language in order to learn more and grow his skill. This is a skill Ben is still fine-tuning, but it has helped him in both his business and personal life.

Taking Things to the Next Level

While body language provides excellent insight into how people genuinely feel, reading and understanding movements can also improve communication. Ben and Gabe understand this firsthand, and both explain how they have used body language to mirror a client or business associate in order to put the other person at ease and help forge a bond. People want to be liked and feel connected, so by using body language to make a connection, it is possible to quickly establish a rapport with a client and begin to develop trust.

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