TBL Episode 73: Learning How to Harness the Entrepreneurial Value of Being Yourself

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs in the relatively small community of the U.S. Virgin Islands taught Pia Larson how to sell products and services from a young age. “I knew that I could control my destiny and make as much money as I wanted from as far back as I could remember,” explains Pia. That still holds true today, as Pia is now Chief Imagination Officer of Fingerprint Marketing. Find out how Pia’s childhood ambitions led to a corporate career that eventually brought her back to her entrepreneurial roots in this installment of Today’s Business Leaders.

Finding Her Way

Pia worked in corporate jobs for 15 years and just couldn’t stand it. She wasn’t afforded the opportunity to be creative and innovative in her work, and it wore on her. After being laid off, Pia fully intended to get another corporate gig but ended up doing work for some of her old clients. This eye-opening experience taught Pia about the value of trust. Pia learned on the fly and taught herself everything from graphic design to social media marketing in order to best serve her growing client list.

Living the Dream

Pia’s favorite thing to do is help clients dream. As a naturally creative individual, Pia shares her vision with clients to help them understand what is possible. Incidentally, while her clients are all great at what they do, many are not creative. By introducing this new perspective, Pia helps her clients to dream big and take their business further.

All of this is possible because of trust. Pia explains, “Trust is what helped me grow the business and trust in my team and provide trust to my clients.” Her initial clients came to her because of trust, and they stayed with her and recommended her business because of this trust.

Stay Connected

Reach out to Pia via email, check out Fingerprint Marketing’s site, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or the Youtube pages. Find out how Gabe’s company, Business Marketing Engine, can help and the services available. Learn more from leading entrepreneurs by listening to earlier episodes of Today’s Business Leaders.

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