TBL Episode 72: Focus on Stepping Into the New

Pam Savino is the founder and owner of Live Authentically, a life-coaching business. She always knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur, but she wasn’t sure what direction to go until she learned how to harness the power of her thoughts and follow her purpose.

Learning How to Navigate Situations

Pam has always been spiritual, and always felt a pull to help others. Her journey has been a natural progression, but she didn’t always realize that at the time. Today, Pam is using her gift and honing her skills to help others learn how to deal with whatever unique circumstances they face to live their best lives.

“The reality is that we have the power, we have the mindset to control this and to navigate this any way we want to, so we can make the choice,” explains Pam. “Do we want to subscribe to societal norms? Or do we want to consciously set the mindset that I can create this to work anyway I want it to.”

Finding Your New Reality

Pam has learned to live in an energetic state, maintain an open mind and look for the clues and cues put out by the universe. As a life coach, Pam helps her clients learn how to become an observer in their reality and to get in tune with what their gut is telling them. “The more authentic we are and the more real we are with ourselves and each other, the more everybody benefits,” Pam says.

Releasing Control

Pam has a long history with spirituality, and she draws on this when making decisions regarding her own life and helping clients. The universe has a plan for you, and if you try to stick to your own agenda and fight this plan, you’ll end up losing out. Pam suggests shifting to the passenger seat and enjoying the ride.

Learn How to Live Authentically

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