TBL Episode 65: The Importance of Knowing How to Evolve as an Entrepreneur

Brian Basilico started to hone his entrepreneurial tendencies when he was young, and many career changes and technology evolutions later, he is still going strong. His business, B2B Interactive Marketing, is celebrating 17 years as a company. Brian recently took the time to chat with Gabe about his journey, why it is important to know your space, the foundation of his system, and more actionable advice.

Doing Things His Way

Working for others never really worked out, so Brian started his own marketing company in 2001. Through this business, Brian helps companies set up their online strategy to convert sales. “People talk about how to make a million dollars with Facebook ads, how to make a million dollars on Instagram, how to make a million dollars here. It’s not that hard. It’s like wherever your audience is hanging out, just talk to them,” Brian explains.

All About Principles

As an entrepreneur, Brian had to learn how to do everything. Learning these basic business principles from accounting to marketing practices has helped carry his business. Brian also explains the importance of knowing what space you are in and understanding how to play. Platforms evolve, and technology is always changing, so as an online marketer, it is important to know how trends change and to evolve your business and your strategy right along with them.

Building a Strong Foundation

Brian shares his foundation for marketing success. Business can succeed through having a website, utilizing Google analytics and creating great content. Once this foundation is established, it’s important to create quality content and deliver the content via social media.

Create Your Strategy

Learn more about Brian’s business, B2B Interactive Marketing, and find out how they can help your company. Check out his book, The Bacon System, and get in touch with Brian through email, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Check out Gabe’s company, Business Marketing Engine and the available courses, or listen to other episodes of Today’s Business Leaders to pick up more actionable advice.

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