TBL Episode 64: Learning to Be Fearless

Kyle Lipton has enjoyed an awesome journey, but there’s still more to come for this up-and-coming entrepreneur. He started by handing out discount tickets to get into clubs, and now he’s coaching business leaders and helping people overcome their fears in order to find success.

Learning on the Go

Kyle dropped out of college for a great job opportunity and transitioned from one job to another. Along the way, he learned about business and entrepreneurship. A podcast interview series that never launched led to a job as an assistant, and from there Kyle stumbled into coaching.

Finding What is Possible and Real

The first time Kyle ended up coaching, he immediately felt a moment of emptiness. While feeling empty usually has negative connotations, in this instance, it was different, and Kyle felt positive and powerful. “When I say emptiness, I say more it’s a feeling of, ‘I gave everything that was in my tank.’ Whatever was inside of me that I wanted to express, is out,” explains Kyle. He soon realized that coaching is his talent and gift and that’s what he wanted to do.

Since then, Kyle hasn’t looked back, and he now coaches business leaders and creates content. He is also looking into other opportunities because Kyle feels he has more he needs to get out.

How to Help

Kyle likes to work with clients who are ready to take a leap into their own clarity. During this leap, Kyle supports clients and helps them navigate their way. By helping clients slow down and tune in to who they are and what they are afraid of and why, he can help them overcome their fears and change their view. When people are willing to risk that fear, they can move beyond it.

Learn How to Navigate the Leap

Get in touch with Kyle through email, Facebook, Instagram or visit his website to learn more about his coaching business. Check out the solutions available from Gabe’s company, Business Marketing Engine. Hear more inspiring stories and gain more actionable advice by catching up on earlier interviews from Today’s Business Leaders.

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