TBL Episode 63: How to Align Yourself with the Right People in Business

As a child, Aaron Muller began a business catching shrimp. While this business venture wasn’t the most profitable and possibly had a negative impact on public health, this was his introduction to entrepreneurship. Since then, Aaron has learned a lot and has tried his hand at running a variety of businesses. These days Aaron owns several businesses, including a business brokerage and a successful consulting academy. Aaron took the time to talk about his experiences with business, his tips for spotting a good deal when buying a company and more.

Learning on the Fly

Aaron has always worked, and as he finished high school, he knew college wasn’t for him. Instead, Aaron purchased a retail business and ran it for several years. During this time, he learned a lot about running a business. Aaron ended up selling a profitable business he was tired of in order to help bail out the failing retail business, and invest in a new business. A business broker helped guide him through these transactions, and this set Aaron on the path to starting his own business brokerage.

Time Management

Aaron explains what a typical work week looks like and how much time he dedicates to his various businesses. “When I’m growing a business, when I’m actually in that growth mode then I’m in that business a lot more. I’ll spend that time and energy right there, but I’m not going to do the day-to-day management stuff if I don’t need to. I hire people to do that,” explains Aaron.

Of all of the businesses he currently owns, Aaron started one and purchased the rest. Based on his own experiences, Aaron recommends working on a business every day for a full year in order to set that business up for success. It is also pivotal to make sure your staff is on board with the culture.

Building a Business That Runs Without You

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