TBL Episode 60: How to Find Your Niche As an Entrepreneur

For many years, David Jardine was able to identify what he did not want to do. Eventually, he found what he was interested in and passionate about. David shares his journey and his experiences, as well as his thoughts on theology with Gabe for this most recent episode of Today’s Business Leaders.

Finding His Way

Out of high school, David ended up landing a job manufacturing parts for potbelly stoves. The work was extremely monotonous, and after a few short hours, David realized this wasn’t what he wanted. He stuck it out for several weeks before he just couldn’t do it anymore, and then he left to go to university.

After completing three years of school, David realized his options were limited. He could go on to teach, or he could try his luck at being an artist. He decided to reinvent himself once again, and he enrolled in a community college where he learned to program. Four months in, David had learned how to create a basic webpage. At this point, he reached out to Mel Emory, who ran a direct marketing company. David explained to Mel that he was working with dated technology and a website would be a more effective way to reach customers.

Learning About Direct Marketing

David spent the next two years mentoring under Mel Emory to learn about direct marketing. However, David put his own spin on things and integrated this new knowledge with what he had already learned about programming. David later went on to found Red Fez Studios, a social media marketing firm.

The Role of Theology

David and Gabe discuss the divine and the role of God from tribal societies through today’s modern culture. David explains that he believes God is omniscient, omnipresent and omni powerful, and by understanding the nature of God, you can then understand the nature of reality.

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