TBL Episode 59: How Mindset and Commitment Impact Entrepreneurship

Erin Pheil never had a groundbreaking moment hustling candy as a child or a desire to be her own boss that lead her to become an entrepreneur, but here she is. Upon entering the workforce, Erin had no luck landing a job, so she took her degree in digital media, and in 2002 she started her own agency. As Erin explains, “I realized nobody is hiring me. I can do so much better than all of them. I’m just gonna do this myself. It wasn’t this long drive that I always knew. I just decided I was going to do this.”

From the Golden Age to the Black Period

The agency took off, and business was growing each year. Despite this success, Erin constantly had this nagging thought that something was missing. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but she knew there was something more. Everything was turned upside down in 2015. The agency suffered a negative SEO attack, and Erin’s health began to deteriorate.

None of the medical professionals Erin visited were able to figure out the problem. Erin came full circle and decided to fix things on her own like she did in 2002 when she started her digital agency. She started helping friends and colleagues on the side because it was fun. This fun side project lead her to the creation of MindFix, her new business.

Using Entrepreneurship to Solve a Problem

Erin conducted significant research and drew on a passion in psychology to begin to understand how to help herself. She was then able to take this process and use it to help others. Erin identified that sometimes people have the skill, ability and commitment to succeed, but they may be missing one piece that is holding them back. Through Mind Fix, Erin helps people identify and resolve the piece, or pieces, holding them back.

Learn How to Clear Your Mental Lens

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