TBL Episode 54: The Value of Authenticity in Storytelling

Eric Schudiske took everything he learned during the 12 years he worked as a reporter and launched his own public relations firm. He shares his story, along with plenty of actionable and valuable advice with Gabe for this installment of Today’s Business Leaders.

Crossing the Finish Line

Looking back, Eric is able to make connections between his job as a reporter and being an entrepreneur. In both instances, he had to deliver, but now he delivers for himself, instead of a boss. When working as an employee or an entrepreneur, there are deadlines that one way or another, must be met. Whether it is making his slot as a reporter, or helping his clients tell their stories, failure is not an option. “You have a finish line and you’re going to cross it even if you have to drag everyone across with you. Having that mindset translated well into what I do now,” Eric explains.

Following Passion

Eric’s career led him to work at a PR firm, but it wasn’t where he wanted to be. When an opportunity to go out on his own came up, Eric took it, and that was the start of S2SPR. Through his agency, Eric and his team help translate complex technologies into compelling stories. Eric explains how passion is a driving force at his agency, and when he has a connection to his work, it elevates the end result.

The Power of Storytelling

Authentic storytelling generates awareness, and the S2S PR team understands how to connect their clients to the right media outlets to effectively communicate their stories. Eric shares actionable advice covering a variety of topics from how to get press, the value of testimonials, how often to follow up, and more.

Learn How to Activate Influencers

Send an email to Eric, connect on LinkedIn or visit the S2S PR site if you’re interested in learning more. Learn more about the solutions available from Business Marketing Engine, Gabe’s company, and hear more actionable advice by catching up on earlier episodes on the podcast.


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