TBL Episode 53: The Value of Being Intentional With Your Time as an Entrepreneur

After being let go from a job, Marisa Cali was essentially forced into entrepreneurship, and several years later she wouldn’t have it any other way. For this installment of Today’s Business Leaders, Marisa talks to Gabe about mistakes she made early on, how she responds when she receives ‘no’ as an answer, the value of referrals, and more.

Prioritizing Creative Time

Initially, Marisa was so caught up in working for her clients that she neglected her own marketing. She has now learned the importance of working on her own business and allowing herself the time she needs to be creative. “If you’re a creative person, it’s good to have that time [to create]. I think entrepreneurs are naturally creative, and sometimes our best ideas come to us at the most random times, so it’s good for us to make sure we fulfill that part of our being,” explains Marisa.

Finding Her Niche

Marisa was drawn to social media marketing and shortly landed a job handling the social accounts for a local soccer team. During her tenure with the team, she learned a lot and gained a ton of valuable experience. When this venture came to a natural end, Marisa realized it was time to focus on her business, All the Social. There have certainly been challenges along the way, but Marisa has made tremendous strides and is building her business, connecting with people, and learning the value of maintaining relationships.

Let’s Collaborate

Listen to the full episode to find out more about Marisa’s journey. You can connect with her via email,  Twitter, LinkedIn, or by visiting her site. You can also learn about the solutions offered through Gabe’s business: Business Marketing Engine. Take some time to catch up on episodes of Today’s Business Leaders for more actionable advice to inspire and educate as you embark on your own entrepreneurial adventure.

Teaser: Marisa Cali has come a long way in the relatively short time she has been an entrepreneur. She recently spoke to Gabe about the value of making a quality connection and maintaining relationships, how to rebrand, and more actionable advice she has learned along the way on her entrepreneurial journey.

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