TBL Episode 51: The Value of Entrepreneurial Hustling

Ben Matteucci started a successful marketing agency and is now making it on his own terms. He recently spoke to Gabe about how he navigated his way into entrepreneurship, the reward of planning a successful event, the three E’s of creating quality video content, and more, for this episode of Today’s Business Leaders.

Finding a Better Way

Ben was working his way up in a successful job, but he decided he wanted to be in control of his destiny, so he quit his job and started selling door-to-door. Through this adventure, Ben learned a lot about sales and himself, and this simple act of quitting his job put him on a path toward success. “I was tired of spending my time to make money, so I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing, and there wasn’t really an opportunity for growth. I didn’t want to go to school – I didn’t have any passion for it. I wanted to go and make money the way I wanted to do it, which was selling,” Ben explains.

Creating Opportunity

While recovering from an accident, Ben was unable to knock on doors, so he had to come up with a new plan to make money. Ben realized his good friend excelled at online sales, while Ben aced in-person sales. This was the start of their business, Zima Marketing. By merging these skills, Ben and his team are able to help businesses promote their brand and grow their businesses.

Actionable Advice to Land Clients

From the value of targeted advertising and the absolute necessity of having content that resonates with your audience, Ben shares his strategy to land clients. The right ad in front of the right buyer needs the right content to close the deal. Otherwise, the ad will fail. Targeting people is useless if the content isn’t quality.

Learn More

Learn more about Zima Marketing and get in touch with Ben through email, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook. Check out more episodes of Today’s Business Leaders, and find out about Gabe’s company, and the solutions available.

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