TBL Episode 50: How to Transition from Job Junkie to Entrepreneur

Danny Veiga wasn’t always sure what he wanted to do for a living, but he knew he wanted to work for himself. He went from being a self-declared job junkie, working 22 jobs between the ages of 16 – 22, to now running his own agency and helping others through a series of courses and coaching.

Learning from Experiences

Danny tried his hand at a variety of work-from-home jobs and began to pick up freelance web design jobs. He didn’t always enjoy the work, but he gained lots of valuable experience, and the exposure these jobs gave him has served him well with his own business.

Finding the Reward in Risk

A series of family setbacks and a couple of cross-country moves caused Danny to lose all his clients on more than one occasion. However, he hustled and worked and always rebuilt. When Danny realized it was time for a change, he took the arguably risky move of dropping his clients to start over. “Most people don’t want to take those risks, but those risks are going to allow you to propel your business in whatever direction you want to go,” says Danny.

Enjoying the Entrepreneur Hustle

Danny quit web design and started diving into Facebook ads and Internet marketing. When people began asking questions and wanted to learn more, he started a group, and it grew over time. These days, Danny is running a successful agency, offering courses and coaching.

Navigating the Valley

Danny refers to the low moments when he lost clients and had nothing, as his valley moments. Every time he encountered a setback, he worked and hustled and rebuilt his client base or launched a new career. Danny explains, “It was a risk I was willing to take, and it’s really been the best decision I have ever made. Really, just to follow what I envisioned for the future of my family.”

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