TBL Episode 47: Investing in Yourself on Your Entrepreneurial Journey

While in college, Scott Theaman was introduced to network marketing and this experience opened his eyes to entrepreneurship. For the next two years, as Scott sold energy drinks, he learned a lot about sales and met many great people. After school, Scott moved on to other forms of sales before eventually landing to Internet marketing. Scott shares his story, along with loads of actionable advice with Gabe for this episode of Today’s Business Leaders.

Manifesting Success

Scott always wanted to be successful, and he has continually worked hard and learned from his experiences to make his own success. After walking away from a lucrative network marketing model, in which Scott had 1,100 distributors, he moved on to selling solar panels and ended up selling water filtration systems. During this time, Scott was able to fine-tune his sales skills. However, he noticed several friends who were using online marketing to boost their sales.

The Pull of Internet Marketing

At this time, Scott was unfamiliar with Internet marketing. He was working hard, but not getting the same results and the same quantity of leads others were pulling in. Scott decided to find out what it was all about and learn Internet marketing. What followed was a lot of trial and error, but he came out of the experience much more knowledgeable and ready to put his newfound skills to use.

Launching His Business

The pivotal moment for Scott came when he signed his first client. A chiropractor friend was interested in growing her business but didn’t really understand Internet marketing. Scott was able to help his friend grow her business, and by default, began to grow his own. He now specializes in using Internet marketing to assist companies in the medical field. Scott currently has ten clients who are learning firsthand about the value he delivers.

A Desire to Help People

Scott has always had a strong desire to help people, and that is exactly what he is doing

through his business. Catch the full episode to learn Scott’s thoughts on sales training, the value of getting clients to think long-term and more. Get in touch with Scott through email, his website, his personal Facebook page or his business Facebook page, or connect on Instagram. Find out about the solutions available from Gabe’s company, Business Marketing Engine and listen to earlier episodes of Todays’ Business Leaders.


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