TBL Episode 44: Working Without a Script with Jeremy Slate

Jeremy Slate has run a gamut of diverse jobs on his journey to becoming an entrepreneur. He started out teaching high school, sold life insurance, worked as a personal trainer and even sold products on Amazon before landing a role with a marketing firm. At that point, everything just came together, and Jeremy has been able to find his niche and entrepreneurial success.

Learning About Entrepreneurship

In 2013, Jeremy’s wife introduced him to a network marketing opportunity. That didn’t work out, but he was exposed to the concept of entrepreneurship. This set Jeremy on a path that eventually led to partnering with a friend at a marketing firm.

While working as the CMO at a marketing firm, Jeremy hit his stride. It didn’t take long before Jeremy jumped into podcasting. These days, through his business, Command Your Brand, Jeremy helps fellow entrepreneurs tell their story through podcasting. He has merged a storytelling process with an email sequence and opt-ins to help clients expand the reach of their brands.

Embracing the Role of Entrepreneur

Jeremy reminisces about his journey and the progression from employee to entrepreneur. “We don’t like (the job) we have now, so we create something better, and as entrepreneurs, we’re like the ultimate artists. We can build things, and I think that’s where it comes from – that creativity,” explains Jeremy.

Building Relationships

Through his business, Jeremy is able to help clients reach their goals. By starting with the end in mind, he can help clients get where they want to go. By being real and authentic and building relationships with clients, entrepreneurs can provide value and an emotional connection. As Jeremy put it, “An entrepreneur is looking to enable others to help them build something.”

Stay Connected

If you’re interested in finding out how Jeremy and his team can help you advance your entrepreneurial career, then get in touch via email, Twitter or Facebook. Visit his business page at Command Your Brand or check out the Command Your Brand Facebook Page. You can learn more about Business Marketing Engine, Gabe’s business and the solutions available and hear more episodes of Today’s Business Leaders.

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