TBL Episode 21: How to Launch an Entrepreneurial Journey Simply by Taking a Single Step

Calvin Wayman has yet to reach his goals, but he is well on his way. With a resume that includes starting a social media marketing agency, becoming a sought-after speaker and a published author, Calvin has made significant strides in his entrepreneurial journey in a few short years. Calvin sat down with Gabe to talk about fear, motivation and how to create the success you want on this installment of Today’s Business Leaders.

The Power of Fear

Fear can make people avoid taking action – it can also make people do amazing things. In Calvin’s case, he chose to use it to push himself to take the first step in what has turned out to be an amazing and whirlwind journey. While working a job that did not align with what he wanted, Calvin thought about the future. More specifically, he thought about what his life would be like in 10 years if nothing changed. Calvin realized his fear of failure was holding him back from doing great things, but the fear of not going for it and missing out on the amazing things he was capable of was worse.

Positivity is the Key

With his fear no longer in control, Calvin quit his job and moved to Southern California. By taking control over his fear of failure or messing up, Calvin realized he was free from it. As a naturally positive person, Calvin can see the value in his experiences. The ability to glean lessons, find value and keep pushing forward has helped him start and build his business.

Defining the Success You Want

When he was first getting started and the stakes were high, Calvin would put himself into positions where he had to succeed. When success is your only option the only thing you can do is make it happen. The situation may be stressful, but pushing yourself to succeed is how you actually achieve your goal.

Powering Through Adversity

Calvin shared a story about his experience running a 50-mile ultramarathon. Halfway through, Calvin collapsed and began to doubt he could finish the race. He could no longer envision the finish line, so he decided to readjust and just run to the nearest tree. When he reached that goal, he ran to the next tree and carried on. Calvin powered through the difficulty and he was back in the race. His mental toughness carried him through to the end.

Love the Game More Than the Result

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