TBL Episode 20: How to Build a Great Idea Into Successful Startup

Zachary Ellison put the years of experience he gained working in the startup industry to work for others when he started Zeskup. Along the way, he has learned many lessons, some of which came about the hard way. In this episode of Today’s Business Leaders, Zachary chats with Gabe about thinking outside of yourself and building scalable businesses.

Foundation in Sales

Before starting Zeskup, Zachary held several corporate jobs in sales. He ultimately did not enjoy the work, so he moved into the financial tech field and eventually onto consulting for startups. During these years, Zachary experienced a lot of trial and error. These experiences shaped him, taught him valuable lessons and led him to create his latest company.

Putting Awesome to Work

Zachary identified a need to help startups from the very beginning of their journey. Guiding entrepreneurs early enables Zachary and his team to help business owners create scalable companies. Many startups begin with a great idea, but one great idea cannot carry an entire business. Overlooking essential details can spell disaster for many enterprises.

Zachary knows from personal experience that a viable business has a variety of needs which must be addressed. From accounting and software needs to legal requirements and countless other issues, Zachary helps entrepreneurs plan for and incorporate these details. The result is a sustainable and scalable business.

Identifying Weakness

Many entrepreneurs start out thinking they can do it all. However, to succeed you need to identify what you are good at and where you need help. Identifying skills or knowledge you lack can be difficult, but knowing your weaknesses enables you to build a qualified and productive team that complements your abilities.

Choosing the Right Candidates

Zachary advises against a common startup pitfall – when hiring, make decisions based on immediate needs. In a perfect world, you want to hire competent individuals who will hold their job for years and deliver long-term value. Unfortunately, startups seldom have the luxury or resources to conduct such an exhaustive search.

Instead, hire the best candidates who fit the role you need to fill now. The position may change in the future, and if that happens, you can reevaluate roles and needs as necessary.

Additional Guidance

Zachary delivers more actionable advice concerning his greatest strength, as well as the importance of a strong marketing strategy and more. Learn more about Zachary’s business, Zeskup or get in touch via social media or email. Find out about the offerings available from Gabe’s company, Business Marketing Engine.

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