TBL Episode 13: Tips for Embracing Failure and Creating an Empire

In this episode of Today’s Business Leaders, Gabe speaks with the inspiring Jeet Banerjee about his entrepreneurial journey. Jeet offers up plenty of actionable advice based on his experiences launching several successful businesses. Learn how failure and impatience can be beneficial and lead you down a path to success.

How Miserable Jobs Led to Inspiration

As a teenager, Jeet took one dead-end job after another and he either quit or was fired from each and every one. After a while, Jeet began to fear he may be unemployable since things just weren’t working out with any of the jobs he took. This fear and concern pushed Jeet, at age 17, to start his own company. At the time Jeet was working at a web development company and inspiration struck.

Addressing a Problem

Jeet identified a need to link companies looking for web developers to talented and often more cost-effective web developers. In two short years, Jeet built his company into a successful business, and he sold it. His second venture followed a similar path. Inspiration struck, Jeet addressed a need and built a thriving company. After four years Jeet sold the company and began the search for his next project. His latest venture is a budding herbal supplement company that is quickly becoming a major contender in the field.

Leveraging Data

Throughout all of his business endeavors, Jeet moved at a rapid pace. The logic is to quickly get the products or services to their customers to see what works, and just as important, what fails to work. Analyzing data, acquired either through publicly available information or from surveys, provides invaluable data and helps drive decisions. Learning about the market has allowed Jeet to quickly change its course in order to best serve customers.

Learn More and Be Inspired

To hear more about Jeet’s experience listen to the podcast in full. Reach out to Jeet with questions about consulting or visit his site to learn more. Catch up on all of the episodes of Today’s Business Leaders for tips and advice. Learn about the other solutions, including free courses, offered by Business Marketing Engine to help develop your business.

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