Episode 120

Transforming Leaders from Inside Out – (Episode 120)

Today’s guest, Shannon Graham, realized he was an entrepreneur since his early teens. When he was in school, he would take the one-cent CDs from the Columbia House catalog and upsell them to his friends and classmates to make a profit. This was his very first taste of being a business owner, and he knew it was for him.

Graham began his coaching career in his early 20s while working a full-time job. It did not take long for him to start making more income from his coaching business than his full-time career. By that point, he quit his nine to five to work full time for himself and has never looked back. 

He now works with ultra-high net worth individuals who have gone through the ultimate failure (losing their purpose and not achieving their fulfillment) through his million-dollar program — Second Summit. 

His goal is to bring together the 98 percent and the 2 percent to create a better world and bring civilization to Tier One — a civilization that can utilize all the natural energy resources on a planet. But before that can happen, he helps individuals realize their full potential. 

Can Money Buy Happiness?

Contrary to the popular belief that money cannot buy happiness, Graham explains that it 100 percent can. “Happiness is not a core state of being.” Just like sadness, it comes and goes. People confuse happiness and fulfillment. They believe that to truly be content with their lives, they have to be happy. However, as human beings, you cannot be happy all day every day. 

How Can You Reach Fulfillment

The one thing in life that everyone is trying to achieve (even if they do not know it) is fulfillment. Fulfillment is how we feel about ourselves. Many people think that money can make you feel fulfilled. However, you can be poor and still feel fulfilled, and you can be wealthy and never feel fulfilled. While making money is a science, fulfillment is an art. There is “no clear blueprint” on how you can get it and where you can find it. 

An issue that Graham comes across from these ultra net worth individuals is that while they were making a way to earn money, they sacrificed their fulfillment. This sacrifice then drags them down. But Graham is here to help turn things around. 

If you like what Shannon Graham is all about or what he teaches, then check out his website for more information. Or, you can always contact him personally through Facebook.

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