TBL Episode 12: Easily Get to the Root of Procrastination

Procrastination can completely derail a project and cause items to perpetually linger on your to-do list. Understanding the causes of procrastination can help you defeat the problem at the source and regain your productivity. Lisa of Impactive Strategies and Gabe of Business Marketing Engine discuss procrastination in an attempt to understand it. Learn what triggers to look out for to keep procrastination at bay.

Defining Procrastination

Confusion can arise between deferring and procrastination. Deferring is the act of reprioritizing based on available resources. For instance, you may choose to defer or delay a project or task because finances will be better in the future, or you will have more availability. Shifting priorities and making the best use of the resources available is not procrastination – it is deferring. Procrastination is when you have every intent of completing a task, but you just don’t.

Procrastination Triggers

Procrastination is often the symptom of another problem. Identify what is holding you back. By finding the cause of the problem you can formulate a solution.

Task is Unclear

If you are unsure how to proceed you may avoid the task at hand and decide to work on another task that is clearly defined. If you find yourself avoiding something because you are unsure of what exactly you need to do simply ask for more information. Define the task, so you have a clear understanding or break it into smaller tasks that are defined and manageable.

Lack of Value

If a task lacks value it can be hard to motivate yourself to work on it. Lacking value can mean you feel the return is not worth the effort necessary to complete the task. Lack of value can also be defined as having an ethical or moral issue with the job.

The solution in this instance is to look to the bigger picture. Maybe the return on this specific project is underwhelming, but maybe it will lead to bigger and better things that are worth your time and effort. Know when to say when if the project is a dead end that will not lead to more worthwhile opportunities. Also, if you have a moral or ethical issue it may be necessary to remove the item from your to-do list without completing it.

Learn More

Lack of understanding and value are just some of the issues that lead to procrastination. Check out the episode to get the full rundown and learn how to identify and address the triggers in your life. Catch up on all of the episodes of Today’s Business Leaders for additional actionable advice.

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