Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses That Profit You

You know you need to advertise your small business. You also know that digital marketing is a great way to go. Which marketing ideas are the most successful? How can you make the most of your digital marketing efforts?

Today, we’re sharing four digital marketing ideas for you to apply to your small business. We’re giving away these insights so that you can market your company effectively and make the most of your advertising budget. (Note: Don’t miss Tip #3, it’s a great way to build organic traffic for your brand and generate new leads.)

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Four Digital Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business

1. Create a Marketing Plan

Know your market. This could mean your location — your locally accessible clientele, their demographics, spending habits, etc. You also need to know who your competitors are, and why people might choose them over you. Do your market research to know your customer and your company’s position in your market.

The more you know about your potential clients, the better you’ll target your audience. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. You can create a marketing plan by asking yourself:

  • What is the mission of my company?
  • What do I want to do with this business?
  • Why did I choose to found this company?
  • What unique value does my company offer that you can’t get anywhere else?
  • How can my marketing deliver these messages?

2. Create Entertaining Content and Associate Your Company

There are many ways marketing can generate business for your company — but that doesn’t mean you need to hard sell your prospects. In the world of online marketing, being entertaining, unique or otherwise memorable is more important than blatant promotion.

If you can create a something that makes people laugh and feel good, you’re on the right track. Comedy connects with people and makes for excellent branded content. Funny videos, pictures and articles are widely shared across social networks.

If you can’t think of ways to make people laugh, try doing something memorable or unique. State Farm sponsored a music video for OK Go that has over 59 million views and counting. Every time someone views this viral video, one of the first things they see is the State Farm logo cleverly integrated into the content.

What’s something different you can create that will make people stop and notice?

Not the creative type? Find a comedian, artist or filmmaker and commission them to make exciting, funny and unique content for you. Then, brand the video with your company information and start sharing! If this sounds like the right idea for your digital marketing, contact us, and we can help you get started.

3. Produce Educational Content that Relates to Your Industry

We’ve just talked about how marketing doesn’t always need to “sell” to generate leads. The best example of this content marketing is blogging educational and informative articles to your audience.

What’s a frequently asked question in your industry? What are the top three things that a prospective customer needs to know before they buy __? Why would someone hire a professional __ if they could just do it themselves?

Think in questions and prompts that your audience needs to know the answers to. Write articles that communicate valuable and practical information on the topic. Then, publish your insights on your company blog. You don’t need to directly sell your services in these posts. Your reader will learn about you and your expertise through your content.

4. Optimize for Human Beings Before Search Engines

Unless you have experience in search engine optimization (SEO) and internet marketing, you shouldn’t start your strategy with SEO. Algorithms are always changing. What helps your site rank high today may not work tomorrow.

The best internet optimization is geared toward the human user experience. Create content that teaches and/or entertains your viewer. Answer questions and provide expert insight. Use simple and direct language that people can understand. Translate valuable information clearly and with confident brevity.

Once you’ve developed a natural and definitive message, then you can think about SEO. If you want help with search engine rankings for your company website, blog or other destination, feel free to contact us. SEO is one of the many services offered by Business Marketing Engine.

Business Marketing Engine – A Digital Ad Agency for Small Businesses

We hope this article helps you with your small business digital marketing. Use these strategies to build a smart, targeted advertising campaign. Produce interesting and engaging content under your company name. Brand your company and yourself with constant audience interaction and consistent content delivery.

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