List of Blog Topic Ideas (That Gets Unusually High Traffic)

Are you looking for new exciting blog topic ideas? Well, you’re in the right place. We’ve learned a lot by helping our clients create thousands of blog posts for their websites. And we’re going to share all of our knowledge here in this single blog post. You’ll learn about all of the most popular blog topics and more. 

But first, let’s look at the cold hard facts so you can really understand your situation.

As of 2022, there are well over 600 million blogs on the internet. And there are about 3 billion new blog posts uploaded each year. That means there’s more competition for your audience’s attention than ever before. And to get clicks, you need something different than the other guy. 

You need high-quality, engaging content. Unfortunately, people aren’t creative machines. We frequently run out of ideas, and that can cause a stall in the process and hold up content. So, we’ll ensure that doesn’t happen by giving you all the blog topic ideas you could ever need! 

Continue reading below, and you’ll never have to ask yourself, “What should I write?” ever again.

What is Quality Traffic?

If you’re trying to switch up your blog to attract quality traffic, you need to understand what that means. In other words, know what you’re asking for before you ask. When we say quality traffic, we mean traffic that converts into the results that help you reach your marketing goals. 

For instance, one goal could be receiving more calls or contact forms. Quality traffic on your blog posts would have a higher likelihood of opting to contact you than low-quality traffic. Quality traffic is also much more likely to engage on your website and support your endeavors. 

What we call quality traffic is typically people that align with your own beliefs. (Your ideal audience.)

Organic vs. Paid Traffic

Whether you’re new to the marketing world or a veteran doesn’t matter. You’ve probably stumbled across these terms. But what does it mean when someone has organic traffic instead of paid traffic?

We’ll help you understand right now. 

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is free traffic from unpaid sources like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Many businesses rely on Search Engine Optimization strategies

Organic traffic also has a bunch of benefits, aside from being free. With organic traffic, you can expect benefits like: 

  • Highly qualified leads
  • A sustainable long-run approach
  • More trust between you and your customers
  • Higher conversion rates
  • More engaging customers 
  • Higher brand loyalty
  • Customer intent-driven ROI 

The list goes on and on. Overall, organic traffic is highly desirable and for very good reason. 

Paid Traffic

As you might imagine, paid traffic is the traffic you must cough up a few dollars to attract. This traffic typically comes from paid advertisements, promotions and/or campaigns. Paid traffic may also come from ads on Google, social media and anything else you can imagine. 

While paid traffic doesn’t have the appealing free part, it also has some attractive benefits. The biggest one is that paid traffic arrives at your destination fast. You can see results within the same day of launching your ads. 

Another benefit of using paid traffic is targeting specific audiences— Ones generally out of your reach. 

A great way that we help our clients get phenomenal results is with paid traffic. We can help you create ads that will drive highly qualified leads straight to your destination. 

Book a call with our team today if you’re ready to reach your marketing goals. 

blog topic ideas, List of Blog Topic Ideas (That Gets Unusually High Traffic), Business Marketing EngineList of Blog Topics that are Driving High Traffic to Your Website

We’ll start covering some fundamental blog topic ideas that you can implement into your blog today. But as a quick disclaimer, don’t expect these ideas to pull a lousy blog out of the mud. And don’t expect them to attract high-quality traffic if you don’t put in the work first. 

You have to put your spin on these ideas to work well. So take these ideas and create something so unique that it will catch your readers’ attention. 

Are you ready to do that? Continue reading. 

Expert’s Opinion

People always love to hear from experts in their field of interest. After all, who can you rely on more than someone with all the information piled into their brain?

But while these blogs may attract a lot of attention, they are tricky. With expert opinion blogs, you must know the subject inside and out. If you write an expert’s opinion blog lacking critical information, your point won’t come across, and you’ll lose attention. 

Mission failed. 

So before writing one of these blog posts, we recommend doing intensive research and planning your post ahead of time. Try not to get too comfortable and just go with the flow. That writing style is fine for the most part. However, it can backfire on you with an expert’s opinion post. 

If you want a good example to follow, you can visit other blog posts on our website. Each blog post on this website is a great demonstration of an expert’s opinion post. 

DIY Topics

Do you know what else people always seem to love? DIY topics. These are the every day topics that people with a day off of work or kids at school search. You’ve likely stumbled upon a few do-it-yourself posts in your day or even searched for a few. 

Do these searches ring any bells? 

  • DIY gardening hacks
  • DIY household cleaning
  • DIY landscaping 
  • DIY vehicle maintenance
  • DIY Halloween decorations
  • DIY photo booth
  • DIY fly trap indoor

You get the point, but the list goes on and on. There’s always some new or old project under the sun, and there’s always an audience for DIY tips. The main style here is simple, sweet and educational. It’s one of the great blog topic ideas if you’re just starting out. 

blog topic ideas, List of Blog Topic Ideas (That Gets Unusually High Traffic), Business Marketing EngineHow-To Topics

These topics are very similar to DIY posts but with a slight twist. 

How-to posts feel like someone mixed an expert’s opinion and a DIY post. Instead of focusing on simple crafty-type projects, how-to posts usually help you fix things. Or at least navigate some sort of complex subject without getting lost in the hows and whys. 

Some very common searches in the how-to sphere include: 

  • How to fix a stiff neck fast
  • How to fix your ph balance overnight
  • How to fix age restriction on TikTok
  • How to fix a blown head gasket without replacing it
  • How to fix loose outlets
  • How to fix toilet, not flushing
  • How to create an Amazon wish list
  • How to create a website for my business
  • How to create a poll on Facebook
  • How to create a strong password
  • How to create a hyperlink in word
  • How to create a digital signature

If you know how to fix or create something that people typically struggle with, this could be a great blog topic idea! Heads up, though. Don’t write a how-to post unless you truly understand how to address the topic. 

Nobody will read your post or visit the rest of your website if they don’t feel like you’re genuinely helpful. 


Infographics aren’t really a central blog topic idea. However, using them in your blogs can draw a crowd and emphasize your point. 

Product Reviews

Have you ever been deciding whether or not to buy a particular product? And you need something to help you make your decision? Of course, you have! People are always looking for something to reinforce their final decision, and product reviews can do that. 

If you just picked up a new popular product, you should take the chance to write about it. 

Favorite Recipes

No one anywhere wants to eat the same old thing every day. We want something to spice things up and make our tastebuds excited for once. And that’s precisely why recipe blogs are so popular! If you have a few of grandma’s favorite recipes in an old book, try writing about them! 

Current Events

How often have you heard a passing remark about some big news story and instantly searched it? Nowadays, there’s always something going on in the world. And for good or bad, it’s material that you can use to draw attention to your blog. 

Latest Technology

Technology is always advancing. And because of that, there’s always something new around the corner to spark interest! If you can catch those new stories of interesting technology slightly before others, you can gain a vast audience.

Fashion Trend

Ties, jackets, pants, shoes and so much more, what’s not to love? With fashion trends constantly evolving, you can also develop blog topic ideas in this area. 

Travels and Personal Experience

Every one of us has our own unique story to tell. You have traveled to places that others can only dream about. You have done things that people would love to experience. So, write about it! 

Fitness and Wellness

Our bodies and minds need constant attention. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to care for them. That’s why this is your chance to educate them! 

blog topic ideas, List of Blog Topic Ideas (That Gets Unusually High Traffic), Business Marketing Engine

How Do You Come Up with Good Quality Blog Topic Ideas?

We totally understand if these blog topic ideas aren’t your cup of juice. But in that case, you may be better off exploring some unique ideas of your own! That’s why we’ll help you get the creative juices flowing with some quick steps.

Create an idea/topic system

For your blog to be truly successful, you need to have constant ideas rolling in. That’s where a system can help. A sound idea/topic system can keep track of all the small ideas you come across over time. That way, they’re always ready for you. 

Take suggestions for content discovered through social media posts

Social media posts can be a massive source of inspiration. While you’re casually browsing, be sure to keep your mind open for any good blog topic ideas. It may also be a good idea to see how much engagement the post got. You may be able to estimate how successful your blog would be. 

Inquire with your audience

If you want to be absolutely sure that your blog is hitting the right mark, ask your audience! They’ll be 100 percent honest with you and keep you from going in the wrong direction. You can try asking on social media or by email if you have them. 

Use topics people search for in Google

We gave you examples of popular Google searches for a good reason— They’re useful. People are already searching for some subjects. All you need to do is step in and give them helpful information. When trying to find out what people search for, you can use It’s a handy tool.

Extend current blog entries

Your current blog entries don’t have to be left as they are. Try to extend them and break out some further information! They can become new blog topic ideas.

Look for other people’s inspiration

Inspiration is a powerful tool. Securing your audience’s attention will be easy if you can grab what inspires them. 

Look for keywords that your rivals are ranking for

Sometimes your rivals have a search area on lock, and it’s likely because they have all the keywords they need. To keep up with the competition, you must have popular content keywords. Keywords can also help you come up with new blog topic ideas. 

Consider questions from quora with more answers

Quora always has some interesting information on it. And occasionally, there are a few questions with more answers than others. Those can make for some good content. They’re also handy because you likely have all the information you need on the post itself. 

You can check out Quora here.

That’s all, folks! You should have everything you need to start creating strong, engaging posts on your blog! (And draw in high-quality traffic.) You can start by using some of the first ideas we listed. But be sure to branch out and try something truly new. 

You won’t regret it. 

If you need help making sure your blog really gets off the ground, we can help! Business Marketing Engine has supported many people as they make exceptional blogs. 

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