Is Fresh Content Vital for Your Web Materials?

You work hard to market your business.  There is your blog that you try to keep up to date with information that your clients want to see, and you need them to see.  There are your email marketing campaigns that you write up to get more exposure to your products and services.  Marketing is not easy, and sometimes it may feel more worthwhile to spend less time on your content using old materials.  You may be wondering if this is the right thing for you to do for your business, and in all honestly, there is a time and place to refer to old materials, but as experts say, fresh content is king.  Fresh content is vital for your web materials because just rehashing what you’ve already covered is going to turn off your readers, and this problem goes a little deeper than just having your readers ignore your content.

SEO Benefits

There are some great SEO benefits that can come about organically by keeping your content fresh.  More content means that you will have more keywords that will help search engines find your business.  Keyword stuffing in one article is going to cause you problems with your website traffic in that search engines are not going to find your materials reputable using black hat SEO tactics like this, so by having more content, there are more opportunities to use your keywords in a more natural manner.  This will help to get you noticed.

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, Is Fresh Content Vital for Your Web Materials?, Business Marketing Engine

Search Engines

Search engines like Google are going to index your website more frequently with frequently added new content.  This may not earn you a higher index as just putting up new content is not going to make a difference.  The difference comes from offering fresh content that is also high-quality.  Each time your website is updated with a new blog post or other content, the search engine will go through the process of indexing your website and give you an opportunity to increase your index.  This means you can better improve your ranking thanks to fresh content.

Show Off Expertise

Authority is another key part of getting noticed.  Google as the preeminent search engine is always seeking authoritative content and websites that offer it to users.  Google and other search engines are businesses that know that in order to garner money from advertisements they need to keep users coming back to their search engine over their competitors.  That means that they have to offer high-quality result lists to their users or risk having them go elsewhere.

What this means for you is that they reward websites that have great authority on a topic based on the content that is provided.  Fresh content that is high-quality sets up you or your business as an expert.  Google will place value on the content that you provide, and users will find value in what you have to offer as an expert.  A person looking for information on how to change their air filter on their furnace will appreciate an authoritative blog post or article on how to handle such a task, and when they run into a problem with their furnace in the future that they cannot handle will probably call on the company that helped them in the past in such an expert way.  


Fresh content that is found by your readers is going to help them stay engaged with your brand.  They are going to want to click on your emails to see what you have new to say.  Even more importantly, they are going to want to share the information that they’ve gotten from your website with friends, family, and even business connections.

Fresh content and social media go hand in hand for a strategy of getting more attention to your business in it relies on those that are already satisfied with your brand to share it with others that may be influenced by this endorsement from someone they know.  Using the same content without updates is not giving them something to share often.

Plus, by keeping your content up to date, you are letting your customers, current and future, know that you are still in business and going strong.  Would you want to do business with a company that hasn’t had a website or content update in a year?


Does fresh content take time to curate and create for your blog and email subscribers?  Yes.  Is that time well worth the effort when it comes to the reward?  Yes.  You will reap the benefits of having more keywords for your SEO in a very natural way, search engines like Google will find you more appealing, you will show off your authority, and your readers will feel more engaged with your brand.  Those are some pretty big rewards. Curious what other’s think of our service? Check out this Copywriter Today review from Al-Amin, a long time customer.

The problem may come in where you feel overwhelmed with running your business and wanting to create fresh content that is also high-quality.  This is where you can turn towards Copywriter Today to source the fresh, high-quality content that your business needs to succeed, but you just don’t have the time to devote to it.

, Is Fresh Content Vital for Your Web Materials?, Business Marketing Engine