How to Overhaul Your Content Marketing in 5 Days

Content marketing is a strategic part of your business operations. It is the central focal point of your marketing practices as it is what connects you to the industry and to your target market audience. At times when running a content marketing campaign, you may begin to notice key performance indicators giving results that are less favorable than you prefer to see.

There are a number of reasons why this may be happening, such as a shift in the interest points of your target market audience. However, it serves as a stopping point for you to redirect the focal point of your campaign and get things back on track once again. It is possible to overhaul your content marketing practices in as little as five days. Here are a few tips than can help guide you in the right direction.

Be More Consistent

A key aspect to the success of your content marketing campaign is being consistent in what you do and how often you share new content with your audience. The information in those content pieces that you share is what establishes your presence as an authority figure within your industry. It is how your target audience begins to understand that you know what you are talking about and that you are someone that can help solve a problem or fulfill a desire for them.

When you fail to post new content pieces on a consistent basis, you begin to slip from the minds of your audience. Their attention quickly turns to a competitor who may provide the information they seek on a more consistent basis. In the blink of an eye, you have lost a customer and any future sales they would bring to your business. While you don’t need to post something every day to be effective, you need to show up on a regular basis with new information that helps your target audience. It helps to reaffirm your role as being the only possible solution for your target market audience and re-establishes their trust in you as a result.

Create Quality Content

The content you create is equally as important as how often you present it to your target audience. Each of your content pieces should focus on a relevant topic that is of interest to your audience. Maintain a keyword rich approach while working to avoid the practice of keyword stuffing at the same time. Select two or three keywords that are hot topics with your audience and include those throughout your content pieces. You can take a look at the conversations on your social media channels to determine what the current hot topics of information are and pull a few keywords from those conversations.

Try to avoid posting the same style of content each day. It is a good idea to give your audience some variety in content presentation. That works to keep their level of intrigue high as they wonder what exciting piece of information you are going to share with them next. Aim for content pieces that are at least 1,000 words in length. Longer content lengths are more noticeable in search engine results and work to captivate your audience by drawing them into what you are sharing. You also need to make sure that each of your content sharing platforms is mobile friendly. Consumers connect to the Internet through smartphones, laptops, tablets and other similar devices. You want to make their engagement with your content hassle free by ensuring it has a uniform appearance across each of these access points.

Stay True to Your Brand

It can be so easy to get caught up in what the competition is doing and trying to keep up with them in the process. Although you and your competitors are in the same industry, you each approach the target market audience differently. A competitor may be using a social media channel that you overlook. That doesn’t mean you should jump on that channel and start sharing tons of irrelevant content just to be part of the action.

You need to stay true to your brand and the content you share that is having an impact on your target audience. Drops in performance in your content marketing campaign may be a result of you spreading yourself too thin by trying to keep up with the competition. Take a step back for a moment and rethink your approach. It is a beneficial practice to have an idea on what the competition is doing. However, avoid letting it knock you off guard. Return to your original plan of action and go from there.

For each day that you focus on overhauling your content marketing practices, use these tips as a guideline to keep you heading in the right direction. While your new content marketing plans will not produce changes overnight, these tips can help you begin to see more positive key performance indicators within the immediate future. Continue checking your performance indicators so that you can easily recognize when future changes may be necessary.

Get started today if you are looking for more help on your content marketing campaign. Contact us today and we will help you get started in the right direction.