Follow These Email Marketing Best Practices to Improve Your Business

As an entrepreneur, it is important always to be looking for ways to grow your business. One of the easiest ways you can do so is by using your email. Although it may seem like an overly simple solution, it is truly an excellent way to get your name out there and improve every aspect of your business. If you are skeptical, keep reading to see exactly how email can easily enhance your business.

Find and Fix Issues

Nothing can stall an email campaign in its tracks more than avoidable deliverability issues. Common issues of this nature include:

  • Messages ending up in spam folders. Engagement issues.
  • Sending to spam traps.
  • Contacts are getting unwanted emails, and complaining about it.

Your best course of action is to fix these problems before they happen. Keep in mind that it may take time to get all of these bugs out, but it will be time well-spent.

Keep Your List Current and Relevant

Building and maintaining an email list is not a one-time job. Your email list needs to be crafted wisely and cultivated regularly. Keep track of the people on your email list who are not active and purge them every so often. If people are not actively reading your emails, there is no sense in sending them. Keep an eye on your email metrics and act accordingly. It will help to keep your list full of people who are interested in engaging with you and your company.

Create an Engaging Subject Line

Your subject line will impact deliverability and open rates. So, you need to craft it carefully. Bad subject lines will simply be ignored by a recipient. Your message may also be marked as spam or completely blocked. Good subject lines will help to ensure your message is received and opened.

Do Not Use Known Spam Keywords

Using known spam keywords in your subject line is an almost guaranteed way to ensure your email will not get to its intended recipient. Known spam keywords will only contribute to raising your spam scores and decrease deliverability and open rates. Some common words that fall into this category include:

  • Urgent
  • Win
  • Free
  • Deal
  • Bargain

Click here to see a list of more common spam trigger words.

Send Personalized Emails

Sending personalized emails makes recipients feel special and appreciated. It offers you a way to communicate with them directly and create a connection. Personalizing emails also helps to make recipients more comfortable with your brand, enhance their experience, and increase the chances of the email eliciting the desired response.

Make Your Email Campaigns and Social Media Outlets Work Together

When your email campaigns work in conjunction with your social media platforms, they both become enhanced. Promote your social networks through your emails, share content with followers and let them know about company information and exclusive offers.

Analyze Previous Campaigns

Your successes, or lack thereof, for previous email marketing campaigns can help you plan upcoming ones. Be aware of what has worked and what has not, and act accordingly. The data you accumulate from your campaigns can help you focus on the strategies that work and allow you to tweak the ones that do not.

Get Feedback from Customers

Asking customers for feedback is an easy way to find out how they are feeling about your company and brand. You may need to provide an incentive for them to provide information, but their responses will be well worth the small expenditure it may cost you.

Give Coupons or Exclusive Deals

Giving coupons or exclusive deals is an easy and convenient way to make your customers feel special and valued. Providing one of these perks with a monthly newsletter will greatly increase the chances of customers sticking around and spreading the word about your awesomeness to everyone they know.

Implement a Drip Campaign Strategy

A drip campaign is an email marketing strategy that relies on messages being sent out periodically over a period of time. This type of campaign tends to be successful, as it consistently keeps a company’s name and information in front of the audience without bombarding recipients at an annoying rate. Here is a typical drip campaign set-up:

  • Send a welcome email.
  • Send a friendly follow-up email a few days later.
  • Send an encouraging email that provides helpful information and a link or call-to-action a week later.

Email marketing provides both increased profits and opportunities for savvy business owners who implement the right strategies. You only need a minimal amount of effort to implement email marketing strategies for your business, but the benefits are immense. If you have not yet tried email marketing, it is time for you to give it a try.

For more information about how emailing can improve your business or if you need help getting started, check out Business Marketing Engine today.