Don’t Forget To Include These Six Things When You’re Making Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand encompasses everything that you do. It becomes who you are, how you’re perceived, and integrates itself deeply within your reputation. It is one of the few things on this earth that money cannot buy.

Your personal brand is all about you and how you carry yourself. As you go out into the world to make your fortune and make a name for yourself, don’t forget to include these six things. They are integral and crucial to your personal brand.

1. Your Personal Mission Statement

Your personal brand needs to have a personal mission statement. It doesn’t have to be long or complicated. However, you do need to put some thought into it. Mission statements usually define a goal or as a set of goals. Your personal mission statement should include your professional goals. This is critical to your success. Writing down your goals, making them your personal affirmation that you’re going to set out and do everything you hope to do and be everything you can be.

2. Teach Your Audience a Lesson

Everyone has some sort of life lesson, some kind of story that they can tell people that tells them who they are or where they came from. What kind of struggles have you personally wrestled with? Do you struggle when people don’t agree with your beliefs?

I’m not talking about anything to do with religion. You need to believe in yourself. The potential you have can change the world if you let it. At the same time, opinions are the cheapest commodity on earth and if you let other people’s opinions negatively affect you and your own potential, then you may be hindering your own progress. Take something from your own life and turn it into a lesson for your audience to learn from and take inspiration from.

3. Connect with Industry Influencers

I hear it all the time – people don’t know how to connect with industry influencers. Well, I have news for you. They are people just like you and me. In fact, you can be an industry influencer if that’s what you want. They all started right where you and I started.

Connecting with industry influencers can skyrocket your brand. What you’re doing is taking a credible source that people already believe in and adding your own personal brand into the next. You’re leveraging their influence and mixing it directly into your own brand.

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4. Create an Email List

Don’t ever neglect to make an email list. Your email list can easily become a lifeline of your business. When you get the right people on your email list, you can sell them almost anything.

Don’t get dollar signs in your eyes just yet. This is not an act of greed. When you’re the industry influencer and you’re the voice of authority for your chosen niche, you can tell people to buy your book and they will buy it. That’s how it works. It really doesn’t get any simpler than that.

The hard part is building the email list. In a nutshell, here’s how to do it. Choose a laser-focused niche and hone in on that niche. When you start a blog, start creating one or two blog posts per month. After you create a blog post, promote like crazy. The more you promote, the more people that will likely see your blog post. It may take time, but people will follow you. If you have the right content that people find valuable, you can wash, rinse and repeat. Make a blog post and promote the living heck out of it. Half a year later, you’ll have 200 to 300 people following you. Then, write a book and sell it to them. Sell it for $.99 you made $300.

5. Be in the Service of Others

Always be looking for ways to help others. When you help others, people will always help you. This may be contrary to the self-serving, greedy mindset that people are encouraged to have, but when you serve others, people will want to serve you back. When you honor others, others will honor you. Fail to honor others, and people will fail to honor you.

6. Always Be Learning

Always ask questions and always be learning. There’s wisdom when an old man says that the more he learns, the more he realizes that he doesn’t really know anything at all. Don’t ever let your ego get in the way of a learning opportunity. You will hinder yourself greatly when this happens.

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- Gabe Arnold

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