5 Lesser-Known Benefits of Business Coaching

As companies evolve, business coaches are there to drive motivation, direction and collaboration. Business coaching carries obvious benefits, which coaches proudly showcase when advertising their services:

  • Improved communication
  • Increased productivity
  • Better employee retention
  • More practical prioritizing and delegation
  • Higher customer satisfaction

If that’s not enough to convince you of the importance of business coaching, then consider some of the more obscure benefits. With the right business coach, you earn a valuable resource to strengthen yourself and your team in unforeseen ways.

Networking Opportunities

Coaches influence more people than just their clients. You can leverage your business coach’s clout to build your reputation. Effective business coaches position themselves as impactful pillars of their industry. They can act as your ambassador with other companies or business leaders when they know how you operate and manage situations. They become your champion, connecting you with individuals who can advance your business.

Safety and Perspective

It is hard for many professionals to talk bluntly with their superiors about issues or ideas. They don’t want ideas to harm them later, be held against them or affect their supervisors’ opinions of them.

Business coaches are experts but also impartial, third-party resources. If anything weighs on your mind, your support person needs to be both knowledgeable and unintimidating. Because business coaches are uninvolved in the organization, they can offer guidance and perspective on sensitive topics.

Learning Beyond the Business

The big purpose of business coaching is business-driven — increasing profits, satisfying customers and boosting productivity. What is often overlooked is the effect business coaching can have on the individual beyond the workplace.

Business coaching can not only make you a more effective worker, but it can also teach you about your personality and tendencies. Uninhibited feedback from a business coach helps you understand how you are perceived by co-workers, family and friends. You learn skills and perspectives to apply not only in the workplace but in all areas of life.

Enhanced Cognition

Business coaching opens your mind more than you might realize. As you expand your understanding in one area, you build connections in other areas. Your mind becomes more flexible and open to profound change as you are introduced to new viewpoints.

Improved Political Skills

Office politics carry negative connotations, but there is a positive side worth understanding. Business coaches can teach you how to realize the hierarchy of influence within your organization. They help you identify and understand in-groups, major influencers and the relationships between organizational members. From there, you can better spread your own influence and unite individuals as a team working toward a common goal.

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