Episode 125

The Secret to Profiting From Content With Luis & Luis of BIZBROS (Episode 125)

We’re switching things up on this episode of Today’s Business Leaders with TWO guests for the first time ever. We are meeting with both of the Luis brothers–yes real brothers! Their brand story began long before most of ours- as they weren’t even out of diapers when this business partnership sparked. It may have been long ago, but one thing about Luis & Luis remained true throughout, their passion and drive to build something big. 

When completing college, trying to start their own vinyl sticker and t-shirt business didn’t lead them to the success they were after, they began saying yes to any and all opportunities out there that they thought might be their next ticket to creating a successful business. As we always say at BME, we can’t expect exceptional creative output to happen without some extent of creative input.

This notion rang true for the brothers as they saw an advertisement from a reputable brand, who’s known for its controversial marketing tactics. This marketer gave them a true direction for where they wanted to take their entrepreneurial efforts– the digital marketing world. That may seem ambiguous to us, but to Luis & Luis, this was the start of something great. Many entrepreneurs are unsure of what they’re even doing when they start out–we just know that we want to do something great. 

Developing their skills to navigate the online world and social media, and saying yes to every opportunity that comes to light. They gave every opportunity their best shot but had trouble with the systems and processes in doing so, successfully. Trial and error and gaining experience as fast as possible is something that takes many entrepreneurs to the next level of success. Trying, failing and learning from that failure becomes an asset to the mosaic of experience of becoming an entrepreneur. 

Starting your own business comes with a lot of similar challenges, or at least similar patterns of choices us entrepreneurs make. Challenges and cycles of success seem to be familiar to the BIZBROS. This process was no stranger to Luis & Luis, once again. It became apparent that the statistic that most businesses only last about five years throughout their challenges during the pandemic. But knowing what they know now, they reflect on things they wished they’d have done differently. Pulling on team members and focusing on strategy and backside logistics as their lessons from these cycles and failures has resurrected their business to the success it has today. 

Continue to reflect on what’s working and what’s not in bringing that revenue. Even looking at vanity or business metrics can give you both the boost to beat imposter syndrome; however, it can also be misleading to how successful it really is. You may only get 100 views on your show, but it could still very well be bringing in revenue that you don’t see on the surface. 

The BIZBROSCO ends on how their focus on content has driven bountiful success in their business. They say focusing on providing content marketing to the digital world relies on relationships. Products, processes and personalities are what they look for in their own business and with the clients that they help. Putting in the time and effort, resilience to failures, learning from those failures, showing up for your business and surrounding yourself with a great support team are their ultimate tips for success.

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