Episode 92

Living Authentically in a Presentational World: Talking With Pam Savino – (Episode 92)

Many of our guests on this podcast are passionate about what they do, but Pam’s passion for helping people find their fire and create the authentic life they want to live is unique. We get right down to business from the start, and Pam outlines why she does what she does while telling us a bit about her life’s work.

As a spiritual life coach, Pam focuses on keeping herself and her clients balanced physically, intellectually and spiritually. Many entrepreneurs are all about the first two areas of personal wellbeing, but too often they neglect their spiritual life. You can’t have an authentic life without all three. Rather than advocating a specific spiritual path though, Pam focuses on helping clients find the path that they are most passionate about.

She started Live Authentically as a way to reach a wider audience, and to create a platform for the most important aspects of a healthy spiritual life: nothing forced is meant to be, the universe will always have your back, and do not ignore how you feel when you are going about your work and personal life. Her preferred clients are those interested in improving their health and wellness, those looking for a healthy and balanced mind/body/spirit life, and anyone struggling to put their lives back together after a setback or disappointment. For Pam, it’s all about approaching your life balance from a heart center and not just a head center.

Our conversation gets more specific at this point, especially regarding how you start the process of determining where to go with your life and where the universe is trying to take you. I like how she emphasizes the point that all of us already have the answers inside of us, and that reflection and introspection are key to building a healthy spiritual life. Pam talks about how you shouldn’t ignore intuition, and the importance of removing distractions from your life so you can connect with your intuition and go with that flow.

Pam also makes the key point that much of our lives can become consumed with distractions rather than paying attention to how we spend our time. The primary problem here for most of her clients is discovering for themselves what is recreation and what is a distraction. Losing ourselves in distractions that don’t help us connect with our intuition.  Pam’s solution to this is to unplug from your life, get outside for a walk or a run, or find something else that relaxes you and frees you from the distractions that crowd your life.

We wrap up our talk for the episode with the three fundamentals that direct Pam’s mission with Live Authentically:

  1. Bring awareness to trust your intuition
  2. Trust that the universe will take care of you if you are following your intuition
  3. Everything turns out better than anticipated

If you enjoyed today’s episode, be sure to check out Pam’s website below. She also has a book coming out in a few months, so if you’re interested in learning more, I’d encourage you to give it a read. Hope you enjoy today’s podcast, and we’ll see you again soon.

You can connect with Pam via her website, email, or her podcast. Find out more about the solutions available from Business Marketing Engine. Learn more actionable advice from leading entrepreneurs by listening to more installments of Today’s Business Leaders.

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