Episode 123

Overcoming Adversity & Creating Success With Siavash Fashi (Episode 123)

Join Gabe and Siavash Fashi on this special episode of Today’s Business Leaders. Fair warning, though– this episode is especially heart-wrenching. Siavash opens up for BME and tells the tales of his nearly unspeakable upbringing. Fashi talks about being a small child underestimated by his peers at the time, which seemed like the least of his worries growing up in a warzone. Being the only one in his home in Iran to attend university, Saiavash talks about having to hide his religion and beliefs to ensure his attendance would be permitted, knowing this would be the only way for him to make something of himself for his family.

Finding inspiration in Arnold Schwarzenegger and bodybuilding gave Siavash something to work towards. Although he had to sneak around to attain this goal, he managed to do so with very few resources. Bodybuilding kept him centered during his time of travel, helping him overcome the racism and identity crises that he and his friends were going through during their emigration.

As if his troubles weren’t enough, Fashi briefly opens up about being diagnosed with cancer and the struggles that come with it. He also discusses being wrongfully imprisoned and left with little hope of freedom. He has managed to turn every adversity into an advantage. Join us to hear one of the most inspirational stories Gabe and his company has ever shed light on– they will shed light on why sticking through the most difficult times in your life pays off.

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