Episode 8

Jumping Into the Deep with Sr. Virtual Assistant – Joyce Barro – (Episode 8)

Joyce joins us on this episode of BME Stories where she dives into some touching and personal experiences during her time with us. She started at BME with some executive experience under her belt, but admits taking a full time role with us was like jumping into the deep waters. She couldn’t get enough of it, though, as she took that jump and has not looked back since. This episode becomes more personal as Joyce goes into the most stressful time she has had since she’s been here. — Surviving a natural disaster in her hometown left her and her family lacking safe drinking water, electricity and overall unable to contact anyone outside of their immediate physical location. She said she was truly touched by how caring our BME family is and was during this time for her. We strive to put our relationships first, and this, of course, includes the relationships of our family members here at BME. Check out more on this episode of BME stories to find out Joyce’s ins and outs of the business and how she’s dealt with such harrowing experiences since her time joining us.