How To Write A Killer Sales Pitch (Quick And Easy)

In an earlier blog post, Why Your Sales Pitch Sucks, and What to Do About It, I shared my experience of receiving a terrible upsell phone call from my local gym. I reveal three secrets you can apply to your pitch to improve results.

Pauline took action and called me, and together we created a powerful pitch for her company Get Fit Geauga and the Body by Vi products. What I’m going to share with you today is the process that we went through to build her pitch.

This a short and sweet guide of what we went through to create her pitch.

, How To Write A Killer Sales Pitch (Quick And Easy), Business Marketing Engine1. First Think About Human Desire

At the basis of all good advertising is the alignment of your product or service and the customer’s pre-existing desire. Take a minute to read this again:

Align your product or service with pre-existing customer desires.

That is one of THE most important mindset shifts that you need to make in order to create effective pitches. Your pitch will translate into the marketing plans and advertising that you create for your business. Even if you aren’t the creative designer of the ads or campaigns you run, as a leader, you need to understand the strategy behind what you’re doing. When I met with Pauline, she wasn’t the one actually creating her print ad, her newspaper ad rep was doing that for her, but she needed to direct her, and that’s just what you should be doing.

So how did we begin?

  • We broke down the audience she was pitching to; 80% women to 20% men
  • We also decided that most people she was pitching to were overweight
  • We outlined possible human desires around her product Body by Vi in the chart below
  • We ranked the desires according to value

This is how you should map out your product placement before you get into writing the actual copy deck.

, How To Write A Killer Sales Pitch (Quick And Easy), Business Marketing Engine2. Build a Strong Copy Deck

In my article Build a Strong Copy Deck I outlined some of the techniques that I used in this session with Pauline. I also drew a visual that explains how I envision a copy deck and its purpose.

Your copy deck should include:

  • Have a strong headline
  • Supporting content to continue to draw the customer in
  • Calls to action throughout the whole pitch
  • Social proof, like testimonials
  • More supporting content
  • Final call to action

All these components will bridge the gap for your customer and help them trust you and come over the abyss to become a buying customer.

, How To Write A Killer Sales Pitch (Quick And Easy), Business Marketing Engine3. Test Until It Works Perfectly

While you may be lucky and find a pitch that works well right away, you will most likely have to write a few versions and keep adjusting the copy until you really find something that works well. Here’s what we came up with for Pauline:

Headline: Change Your Breakfast and Lose 10 Pounds!

Body: Let me show you how you can lose weight and save money with a breakfast that takes less than two minutes to make and costs less than $2.00 a day.

I challenge you to start today and join the hundreds of local people I’ve helped reach their health and weight loss goals. Call today: 440-479-2485 or visit

Here is the outline of what we included in this pitch:

You can also take the same approach and “twitterize” your pitch:

What do you think? Have you found a way to improve your sales pitch? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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