Episode 124

How to Help Your Kids Love Math With Adrianne Meldrum (Episode 124)

We are here with Today’s Business Leaders, Gabe Arnold and Adrianne Meldrum, to discuss how we can make a difference with our children’s education and life by multi-sensory learning of math. – Where the kids will actually enjoy it! Could you imagine…enjoy math? Think of the possibilities that will open for them! Coming from a line of visionaries like her father, Adrianne wasn’t sure of following her own into the business world. This uncertainty continued even after she made efforts to promote her business ideas about this new way of teaching math to children.

Their dear friend, Alex Charfen, has inspired Adrianne’s enthusiasm for becoming the entrepreneur she was meant to be, to bring the world a new and improved way of educating our children on mathematics — the universal language! Gabe shares his comparable story of hitting a turning point in his entrepreneurship after hearing Alex speak at one of his seminars and truly adopting his ideals moving forward. For both Adrianne and Gabe, these experiences have left them accepting of their own missions and companies as a part of their identities, of their existence in order to have become so successful.

Adrianne went into more detail about her mission to bring sensory learning to mathematics to schools all over the world. It is an approach that can be adopted no matter what institution or level you are at, what recourses one uses, etc. It has been shown over many studies that we as humans use all of the senses in our bodies when we learn something. Think about all of the times you remember sounds or smells or feelings that you have had when recollecting a memory — the same goes for learning and recalling math too, or any subject for that matter. She went into some specifics that could help you and your family understand and learn in a way that works better for you as an individual. Check out our episode to find out more! – You nor your brain will regret it.

Here are some resources Adrianne and Gabe want to give you for free:

Books About Multisensory Math:
Mathematics for Dyslexics and Dyscalculics – Steve Chinn
Dyscalculia Solution – Ronit Bird
Troubles with Maths – Steve Chinnhttps

Books About Brain Wiring:
Insight into a Bright Mind – Nicole Tetreault
Wired to Create – Scott Barry Kaufman

If you want the DIY route for math help using methods we think are friendly, check them out here: https://madeformath.com/math-curriculums-homeschool/

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