How To Create Magical Moments For Your Customers

As I arrived at the gate for my flight at the airport the other day, I saw the passengers from the flight that had just landed exiting the gate. There at the end of the walkway from the plane stood a woman who was holding her phone, and it was pointed at the gate entrance. She was capturing a video and waiting for someone special to get off the plane.

As her young daughter rounded the corner and came through the doorway of the gateway from the plane, her eyes lit up and she ran towards her mother. She was so excited to see her mother, and I was blessed to have the privilege of witnessing this happy reunion. It was a magical moment.

As I watched this sweet reunion, I realized that one of my greatest joys comes from providing magical moments to my customers. I had just read an email from my friend Mark who runs, and the subject line of his email read, “I am a very happy customer!” He wrote me and asked me how he could give me more of his money because he was so pleased with the service we were offering through our new service, Copywriter Today.

It takes a long time to get your product right, and it takes a long time to master customer service, but the hard work and effort is worth it. I can only imagine that Mark must be feeling some of the magic that we try to deliver every time our team of writers sends over a new piece of copywriting. When you put your heart and soul into delivering something you can truly be proud of, people notice. Your team will notice, your customers will notice, the world will become a better place because you are trying to deliver something of value every day.

So today, when that employee quits and leaves you in a bind, when that piece of equipment breaks, or when you’ve given all you have and it still just isn’t working out, I want you to step back and gain a bigger perspective. You DO have what it takes to deliver a little magic to those around you. Just put your head down, work hard, be kind, and keep trying.

No one that matters became successful overnight. Truth be told, they failed hundreds and thousands of times before you ever heard their name. But when they did make it big, they delivered a little bit of that magic to you. That’s what I think about when it’s late, when I’m tired, and when things are breaking or not working out how I want them to. I think about the magic that I have the opportunity to bring each one of my customers now and in the future.

When it comes down to it, we have the power to deliver the magic our customers deserve, and in order to do so we have to keep these three things in mind:

  1. Our attitude must be correct. We need to have a heart of service towards our customers.
  2. Our persistence must be unparalleled. We must be willing to invest and grow in ourselves, in our team, and in our company as a whole until we get it right.
  3. Our products and services must truly stand out from the rest. If what you’re doing isn’t unique, if it doesn’t make people talk about you in a good way, then maybe it’s time to adjust your approach.

What do you think? Are you willing to invest and do what it takes to deliver the magic to your customers? If you need help taking your customer experience to the next level, contact us today, or call me at 312-857-8373.

Did you have a particularly magical moment with one of the companies you work with? Share your stories in the comments below!