Driven With Heart, Fueled by Relationships

Driven with heart, fueled by relationships.

That is how we run Business Marketing Engine (BME).

Let’s think of that word: “run.” Recently, we really took off running with our dynamic team of 65+ professionals. And as always, we are going to take you with us.

That is why we want to tell you all about our new logos here at BME, so keep reading for more.

“Why the new logos at all?” you might wonder. Valid question.

BME just celebrated its 14th birthday this year. Our lifeblood has stayed so healthy for so long because of you, dear reader: our clients, our partners, our supporters. Our relationship with each and every one of you is always at the forefront of our collective mind. It always has been and it always will be.

So don’t you think our logos should reflect that? Of course, you do. And we do too.

Let’s repeat that new tagline again: “Driven by heart, fueled by relationships.”

It’s time for you to get familiar with it, because you’re going to start seeing it everywhere. You already feel it everywhere, and now our new logos will remind you of it each time you talk with us.

It’s a new look, but it’s that same genuine feeling that you’ve had since you first reached out to us for business growth.

In fact, our finely-tuned relationship with you is our primary mission. We have never been interested in grabbing every client we can find. That may sound fishy for a full-service marketing agency, but you know that to be true as well as we do.

If you are new to BME, you don’t have to take our word for it. Just head to Business Marketing Engine’s Guiding Principles page. Our guiding principles are our North Star. They are our roadmap to how we can serve you best and get you the success you’ve worked so hard for as a business.

And what’s our very first one?

“1. Relationships First.”

You know what that means, and so does every single one of our devoted team members. When we look at you, we don’t see a dollar sign over your head. We see a relationship in the making. We show up every day and we listen to what you need. That’s the only way that the passionate cogs in our well-oiled machine can deliver what you need. Believe us: it shows in our work.

We listen, we serve and only then do we provide you with the deliverables that you need.

Loyal client, dedicated partner, wonderful supporter: we’re talking to you.

No matter which one of our services you use, even if it’s all of them, you’re about to see a forward-thinking shift. Copywriter Today, OmniSocial, Lead Engine, and BME all have new logos rolling out.

Everything evolves. You might remember the age-old adage: “The only constant in life is change.” Heraclitus said it best, but we carry it out the best.

We are always here to evolve with your business. We are always here to stand in your corner and put our relationship with you above all else.

So the next time you see our new tagline on our new logos, remember what and who we are: Driven with heart, fueled by relationships.