4 Successful Companies That Fail the Mission Statement Test

Crafting a mission statement is something you know you need to do, but it’s also easy to keep delaying. While understanding your vision and mission provides value, it can be hard to write everything down in a brief and succinct manner. You may even wonder if having a mission statement is really worth it. To … Read more

15 Emerging Content Marketing Trends You Need to Know About

When it comes to content marketing, things change quickly and often. If you want to stay competitive, you need to know what direction marketers are taking to keep themselves and their clients’ brands relevant and trending. Fresh, high quality, consistent content will always be the prime driving factors in content marketing online, but there are … Read more

A Simple Guide on How to Estimate the Time and Costs for Your next Project

A Simple Guide on How to Estimate the Time and Costs for Your next Project

I wonder how long that will take? I wonder how much it will cost? If you’re new in business, or simply new in a position that requires you to estimate the time and cost for projects, these are questions that come to mind and must be answered efficiently and as accurately as possible. You can’t … Read more

Then and Now: Networking Through the Years

People have been craving connection since the beginning of time. Meeting new people, learning more about them and finding ways to help one another are all parts of who we are, and business networking is a big part of that. It’s become a primary component of how people do business, promoting their products and services, … Read more

What You Need to Know About Google Penguin 4.0

Recent search results changes by Google have many people in the online world scratching their heads while trying to figure out exactly what is taking place. During this odd process of change, website owners watch helplessly as their site rankings plummet without warning, only to climb back up again in the blink of an eye. … Read more

What Your Toddler Can Teach You About Affiliate Partners

Consider why you should study your toddler to learn about what to look for and cultivate in affiliate partners. Affiliate partners are just that—partners and an integral force in advertising your wares and closing sales. Note what is admirable in toddlers and what you don’t want to lose in adult affiliate marketers. Namely risk-taking, energy … Read more

10 Best Blogging Tools for 2016

Getting started with a blog can be a fairly daunting experience. Not only do you need to start producing fresh content, but it needs to be search engine optimized, keyword researched, and adjusted/updated based on the success or failure of your promotional and marketing efforts. Fortunately, there are a number of web based tools to … Read more

Reach the Peak: Coordinating Your Marketing Efforts

Reach the Peak: Coordinating Your Marketing Efforts

Marketing gives you the opportunity to reach a new target market segment while building deeper relationships with your current customer base. You can promote a new product or service, offer a promotional discount on a favorite product or share insight into how your service solves a problem for your target market audience. Coordinating your marketing … Read more

The Rumor Mill is Eating Your Profit: Improve Employee Relations and Watch Your Business Soar

5 Ways to Boost Employee Morale

When there are employee relations issues in your company, it creates an uncomfortable situation for everyone in the office. Your employee dread coming into work each day and your management team begins to feel more like referees than managers. Conflicts form and begin to interfere with the production of your product line or delivery of … Read more