Copywriter Today Review

Editors Note: It’s my pleasure to share a Copywriter Today review that one of lovely customers Melissa Stanford shared with us today. I hope you enjoy! No matter what type of online presence you have, you know that the adage of content is king is true. Businesses cannot afford to ignore their blogs and other areas […]

At first glance, a business blog may appear as nothing more than a time consuming practice that your business can live without. My thoughts on the topic were similar in nature for the first few years of my business operation. As I began working to expand my reach within various target market segments within my […]

What do you look for in that important decision of hiring a copywriter to present your words to the world of buyers? A copywriter is first and foremost a good ghostwriter i.e. he or she writes for your voice to come through.  Your brand and your company culture is what he wants to stand out.  […]

Investing in content creation for your business is a smart move, and you already know how valuable fresh content is to the success of your bottom line. Putting quality content on your blog and website is just one aspect of a successful online content strategy. With the help of some awesome new marketing apps, you […]

Blogging is fun! It’s a great way to be creative and to educate people on a wide variety of topics. If you have your own business, blogging is especially important. You will be able to educate your consumers by blogging about your products and what services you offer. The trick to blogging is this: You […]

If you are looking into hiring copywriters, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. You can’t hire just anyone to write articles for you–copywriters that you hire must have a certain skill set in order to succeed and benefit your company. Before you hire anyone, keep these aspects in mind so […]

Let’s face facts: writing is a task that no one can avoid. Written communication is vital no matter what type of business you own. There is just no way to get around it, especially if you want your website, marketing emails, newsletters, and other content to get attention. There are any number of reasons as to […]