Jessica Olbin

“I AM OVERJOYED. The things you are doing to my e-book, my words, to make them beautiful visually blows my mind. You have captured what I wanted to exude so perfectly and included so many subtle hints of who I am. You both are incredible artists and should be proud of your beautiful skill sets.

From the intention of the photos you’ve chosen to the littlest details of facial expressions even in linework of faces AND to hear you describe them and explain why really shows how present you are in your work and the detail and care you’ve spent making the choices.

You reiterate the things I’ve given feedback on and explain how and why you’ve taken action on them, and you lift me up by being excited about my message and tell me how you’re applying it yourself. As a client, that means the most. To know you care about my project and support me.

I cannot wait to see my book as it makes beautiful progress and I cannot wait to share it with all of the women of the world who can lift it up – thank you SO VERY MUCH for making that happen.”