Episode 9

Hunger for More with our Senior Systems Administrator – (Episode 9)

Ivy found BME through her own family member recommending her to join the team. She began here with us as a customer representative. Her family grew, in her eyes, as she welcomed BME into her heart with open arms. Her favorite thing about working here is the culture and safe, positive environment we strive to maintain at BME. Growth continued for Ivy as she evolved into our senior systems administrator. She reflects on what it was like to change from a client-facing role to the behind-the-scenes support that makes BME run like a fine-tuned engine. Appreciating the occasional challenges she faces in her current role, as well as the challenges she experienced throughout changing roles. Her talent of managing stress amongst it all is explained by her, to be a result of being able to lean on the team when she needs it. She delves into her passion and hunger for continuous learning and how she finds it absolutely necessary not only in her role but for all roles in companies moving forward.