8 Critical Google Ads and PPC Stats You Shouldn’t Ignore

Pay-per-click or PPC ads remain at the pinnacle of the best marketing tools for businesses worldwide. PPC offers accurate targeting and cost-effective prices, unlike other marketing channels, attracting entrepreneurs to pursue this marketing route.

If you’ve clicked through this Google Ads statistics article, we presume you already have a fundamental knowledge of how PPC works. Moreover, it’s safe to assume that you may be an entrepreneur looking to up your PPC game. 


Because Google Ads statistics are important information hubs that people can use to guide their advertising practices. In other words, armed with the information below, you can fine-tune your approach to maximize your PPC advertising efforts. 

Conversely, keeping oneself unaware of vital statistics can hamper marketing measures. These data provide a lot of insight that will likely guide the Google Ads strategy you will employ in 2023. 

That said, Business Marketing Engine curated the eight biggest Google Ads statistics to help you boost your PPC ads. Read along because these are the facts you should pay attention to this year.

Google Ads Statistics

Our ultimate roundup of paid search statistics can help you make the most of your PPC advertising endeavors. But remember, PPC ads are only as good as the advertising experts behind them. If you are looking for search ads specialists to skyrocket your click-through rate, Business Marketing Engine can help.

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That said, here are the critical Google Ads statistics you should know:

Google Ads Statistics, 8 Critical Google Ads and PPC Stats You Shouldn’t Ignore, Business Marketing Engine

Google Is Still the King

Google is still the king of search engines, capturing a staggering 84.08 percent of the total market share. Meanwhile, its closest competitor— Bing— only garnered a measly 8.95 percent in December 2022. Yahoo! follows the list with 2.6 percent and Yandex with 1.51 percent. DuckDuckGo and Baidu took over the last two spots with 0.84 and 0.67 percent, respectively.

Despite dominating the global market share, some countries preferred alternative search engines over Google. For instance, more than half of the Japanese population and over a quarter of Mexico users prefer Yahoo! instead. Whereas 62 percent of users in Russia use Yandex and 86 percent in China use Baidu.

In other words, you are better off using PPC ads for alternative search engines if your market belongs to those nations. Otherwise, Google remains the best platform for PPC advertising.

U.S. Spends $88 Billion in Search Advertising at the End of 2022

If you’re second-guessing whether you should continue doing search ads, here is the Google Ads statistics to change your mind. According to Statista, the United States takes the cake among the highest spenders in search advertising.

Throughout 2022, the U.S. spent $88.08 billion on Google Ads, followed by China, which garnered around $40 billion. Digital search ads in the U.K. amounted to $13.21 billion, while Japan and Germany got $7.32 and $5.96 billion, respectively.

Focusing on the U.S., we see that paid search remains highly relevant in 2022, which we expect to continue this year. And if you’re not spending on paid search ads, your marketing becomes an uphill battle.

45 Percent of Small Businesses Use PPC

Startups and even established businesses can use PPC ads to their advantage. In fact, PPC ads are non-discriminatory. Google shows ads based on keyword quality in response to a search query, not based on popularity. That means even startups with limited reach can dominate search engines with good ad copy.

Google Ads statistics show that 45 percent of small businesses leverage their PPC ads for exposure. It all boils down to how well-crafted their advertisements are.

65 Percent of All Google Ads Clicks Have High Commercial Intent

While we can craft Google Ads whichever way we want, not all ads appear on search queries or receive high click-throughs. According to Ranktracker, 65 percent of clicked Google Ads are those with high commercial intent.

In other words, infuse your ads with compelling and transactional keywords if you want to dominate Google Ads. Make sure to mention what value people will receive should they choose your solutions.

Google Ads Statistics, 8 Critical Google Ads and PPC Stats You Shouldn’t Ignore, Business Marketing EngineAds Blocked by Google in 2021 Reached 3.4 Billion

Google updates its existing policies regularly, including PPC advertising rules. Keeping in step with Google’s updates is essential to stay ahead of your competitors. Otherwise, Google may flag your ads as inappropriate and take them down if you advertise blindly.

According to Google Ads statistics from Statista, Google blocked 3.4 billion ads in 2021. This is also the highest recorded number since 2016. Prevent getting blocked by reading Google’s latest announcements and updates.

Eight in 10 Marketers Believe PPC Is Hugely Beneficial to Their Business

Marketers will do everything to get ahead of their competitors. And that includes taking advantage of tried-and-true marketing tools to boost their business, one of which is Google Ads. According to Brainlabs, 79 percent of marketers find PPC helpful for their business.

Aside from reaching a targeted audience, Google Ads allows businesses to launch campaigns tailored to the audience’s unique needs. Moreover, you get real-time performance analysis, enabling you to recalibrate strategies better.

Google Display Campaigns Reach More Than 80% of the Global Internet Audience

While alternative search engines dominate certain countries like China and Russia, Google remains the top choice across the world. You can rely on Google Ads to reach your targeted audience wherever your business is located.

Ranktracker says Google Ads reach 80 percent of the internet audience worldwide. However, we recommend also considering other PPC channels if your market covers other countries.

Google Ads Statistics, 8 Critical Google Ads and PPC Stats You Shouldn’t Ignore, Business Marketing EngineFour Industries Spend the Most on PPC Advertising

According to Social Media Today, the highest-spending industries on PPC ads are retail, travel, publishing and education. But that does not necessarily mean Google Ads are unfit for other categories like services and B2Bs. 

Google Ads can be great for getting visibility in any market where competition is fierce and prices are high.

While Google Ads statistics prove that PPC is effective, winning search query bids is a different story. Hiring expert PPC specialists to craft your advertising can improve your chances of landing on search engine results.

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