17 Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools For Any Business

These days e-commerce and social media profiles have become dominant forces in the world of marketing. If your business isn’t utilizing the best in digital marketing tools, it’s simply not competing effectively.

Your marketing plan may include digital strategies like running a blog or even using online advertising tools like e-mail lists. That’s great, but there’s more to beating the competition in the digital marketplace than just writing content online.

That may have been enough at one time, but today’s best-performing companies are using the top digital marketing tools. Consider your marketing strategy and let’s see where these top 17 technologies can improve your sales performance.

What Are Digital Marketing Tools?

You can’t effectively wield the digital marketing tools of today without first understanding what they are. To put it simply, these technologies are used much like any other marketing tools, only in a digital format.

Your business is able to achieve its sales goals with these online marketing tools in ways unimaginable only a generation ago. For example, companies once placed ads in print media and just hoped that the right readers would come across them.

They had no information on how often their ad was seen, or by whom. They had almost no way of knowing the success of an advertising campaign.

Today, however, digital marketing tools enable businesses to advertise in a target market using algorithms that identify ideal consumers. Companies can now know how often their ads are seen and by whom.

This represents a revolution in marketing tools for small businesses, allowing real-time data on customer interactions, lead generation and sales.

Okay, you know that you need to use digital marketing tools as part of your sales team’s repertoire. But before jumping into online marketing products, first ask yourself which tools might be best for your business?

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Which Is Considered The Best Tool For Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing tools can include everything from promotional material displayed online to technologies designed to gather and collate metric data.

Deciding which ones would work best for your business depends on your particular needs and goals. Consider this list of the top 17 must-have digital marketing tools to implement in your sales team’s plans.

1. Google Adwords

Google Adwords makes our list for its powerful contribution to content marketing. Use this digital marketing tool to promote your content or website in Google web searches.

After all, search engine results pages (“SERPs”) represent a type of bellwether when it comes to website performance. Google AdWords uses keyword software to help boost your serp ranking through traditional SEO or by bidding on specific keywords.

Choose from paying by click or pay call. Either way, this tool provides measurable results almost immediately. 

2. Google Analytics

Google analytics has come to define insightful data collection among digitalization tools, offering business owners up to the minute reports. Use this tool to see who is visiting your website and understand which pages they’re interacting with.  

That information will better help you target your marketing while also providing crucial feedback on which strategies are working better. Who’s clicking on your ads? Which marketing strategy seems to be most effective?

Google Analytics has the answers. And the best part? It’s free to use (who doesn’t love that?).

3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is an excellent digital marketing tool designed to help you manage your brand material across social media platforms. Control your social media presence by scheduling posts, selecting keywords or tags and storing important data on Hootsuite’s private cloud.

Your team members can draw on that cloud data for post creation, while detailed reports are available detailing conversion/interactions.

Pricing for this technology varies depending on your choice of plans. Choose from tiered-pricing plans that range from around $29 monthly to as much as $600 per month (for enterprises). 

4. Hotjar

Include Hotjar among your top marketing tools software to gain valuable insight into your website visitors’ preferences and behavior. With this tool you can see “hot maps” of your website which indicate the most and least clicked on areas. 

There is even the option of watching recordings of your visitors’ interactions on your site. This provides you with hard data on what is or is not attracting and engaging visitors to your platform.

Choose from a free basic plan to monthly plans beginning as high as about $389.

5. Lemlist

Use Lemlist as a deliverability-focused email marketing tool. Lemlist is a helpful digital marketing tool allowing you to better time emails so that you can optimize customer interaction.

Among the benefits of this tool is being able to customize your advertising materials within emails to feel more personal. There are also features which help facilitate calls to action and lead follow-ups.

Choose from monthly or yearly tiered-pricing plans.

6. Mailchimp

To automate and better manage your online advertising campaigns, use this tool to gauge email marketing success. 

When you send advertising materials out into the world via email, your goal is to generate traffic resulting in sales. Mailchimp helps you do this by facilitating greater organization of emails in addition to providing crucial metric data on interactions.

Choose from free versions of the tool or tiered price levels which can go as high as about $200.

7. Moosend

Is your business just beginning to use digital marketing tools for email campaigns? Then Moosend is certainly among the first advertising products you should be considering.

Use this tool to access clear metric reports and design email campaigns that are both codeless and easy to conduct. 

Implement Moosend into your marketing strategy with budget-friendly plans that begin around $10/month. There is even a discount for annual subscriptions when paid in full upfront!

8. Ahrefs

Now, this is one of the most important marketing platforms your team will be using this year! Use Ahrefs to gain insight on active keywords being used in millions of websites from the US and other countries.

This will allow you to best form your own SEO strategy while also understanding what’s working best for your competition. This kind of analysis and inside information will empower your marketing team to turbo-charge your website content and metric success.

Ahrefs offers a variety of subscription levels at varying costs. Sign up for an annual subscription to lock in valuable discounts for this digital marketing tool!

9. KWFinder

If there were a digital marketing tool designed for “dummies”, KWFinder would be a strong candidate. This tool provides keyword searches in an intuitive and clear style that can be used by anyone. No need to be an SEO expert!

Use KWFinder to identify keywords to boost your SEO rankings by combining low difficulty with high occurrence. It’s really that simple!

You can even input competitor URLs to see which keywords they’re using in order to gain the upper hand.  

This tool is available in monthly subscription plans or less expensive annual packages.

10. Yoast

Use this easy plugin tool with your WordPress or Gutenberg content to maximize SEO performance. Identify readability, keyword appearance and other important data points for any content page.

This will help your team understand how and where to improve potential serp ranking at a glance. Are your keywords adequately placed throughout your content? Do images have the right alt descriptions to drive traffic? And how about your meta information?

Yoast provides quick and easy-to-understand ratings and suggestions so your team can create with confidence.

Use this plugin tool for free or choose from paid premium plans with pricing based on the number of websites.

11. SEMrush

Keyword variation and occurrence in your content are critical elements in your website’s serp viability. Understand your keyword positioning and improve SEO success with new keyword choices by using this excellent digital marketing tool.

Semrush provides analytic data on keywords such as difficulty, global occurrence (volume) and even related terms for more diverse copy. 

Choose from monthly subscriptions ranging in price from around $120 up to about $450.

12. Unbounce

Does your marketing or content team need to build and publish test landing pages quickly and easily? Choose Unbounce for some of the industry’s best analytics in calls to action, creatives or other critical page functions.

Your A/B testing and variable analysis will get a shot in the arm with this marketing tool for the digital age.

Select from monthly plans ranging as high as about $225 after an initial free trial period.  

13. Optimizely

Run tests to quickly gain invaluable information on edits to your page with this no-code digital marketing platform. With Optimizely, your e-team can become masters of audience targeting while also enhancing your website’s visual creations.

Select intelligence, commerce or content clouds for varied pricing models.

14. Optimyzr

Stop worrying about coding and transitions by adding Optimyzr to your digital marketing cabinet of tools. With Optimyzr your team can quickly construct advertising campaigns bolstered by tracking analytics and results reports. 

This tool was made for PPC marketers everywhere and has received international awards for its effectiveness and user-friendly design.

Enjoy a free trial period before selecting a monthly plan that works best for your company’s needs.

15. Clearbit

One of the foundational elements of effective lawn care lead generation and relationship building in sales is understanding your customer. As we’ve said before, customers want to feel as though you know what they like and can improve their lives.

Use Clearbit to generate current, complete profiles for potential/qualified customer leads, drawing on the more than 100 sources it incorporates. Your information will remain current as the platform performs updates automatically on a monthly basis.

Save time and prospect for leads more confidently with Clearbit. Pricing varies by product with annual or monthly plans available by subscription.

16. OptiMonk

This platform utilizes behavior-based customer targeting methods to reduce pop-up disruption and increase personalization. Boost customer interaction and lead generation with an ad campaign that is tailored to your individual clients.

Every successful marketer understands that customers want to feel valued. Use OptiMonk to create that sense in visitors to your website.

Select the model that’s best for your business with plans that scale up to around $200 per month.

17. MailMunch

This tool brings together landing pages and email marketing with a goal of building effective lead lists. Once you’ve identified and qualified leads, MailMunch can also be used to craft forms and additional emails to keep the sales pipeline flowing.

Use this platform to organize your customer base by factors like demographics or purchasing behavior.

Choose from tiered price plans ranging from a free version to more complex models listed up to about $14/month.

digital marketing tools, 17 Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools For Any Business, Business Marketing Engine

You’re familiar with these digital marketing tools, but now what?

You should now feel that you’ve got a handle on the best digital marketing tools for businesses just like yours. But now what? That’s where our team at Business Marketing Engine comes in!

We offer full-service marketing plans designed to make your potential a reality and your dreams achievable. Helping companies like yours succeed is what we do day in and day out!

Contact us today and let’s explore how we can use the tools described above to reach your goals together. It’s the first step to real success and one we’ve helped many entrepreneurs just like you accomplish quickly and confidently.