TBL Episode 91- Framework 4 Freedom With Miha The Fail Coach

Our conversation kicks off talking about Miha’s lifelong career as an entrepreneur. From an early age, Miha was making deals and hustling to earn. His first sales gig was selling Slinkies at fairs and festivals for double the price he paid for them. Miha talks about how he comes from an entrepreneurial family, and that he learned about sales, marketing and creating a profitable business from his father and mother.

When he grew up, he continued to follow his entrepreneurial star and went into real estate. He quickly found success due to his years of practice and natural talent. When his father passed away from cancer, Miha took over his business and continued to see success and results. That all changed when the financial crisis hit in 2008.

Miha lost 20 million dollars in a single day, and he had no money to pay suppliers or creditors. Like many entrepreneurs, he had leveraged too much debt and now all the bills were coming due. He had a moment of clarity, took responsibility for the failure he had brought on himself, and reinvented himself as “The Fail Coach”.

Rebuilding his business model from the ground up, Miha began developing what would eventually become the Framework 4 Freedom. Once the model was fully formed, Miha began working with entrepreneurs to help them grow, scale, foundation and exit successful businesses. The Framework 4 Freedom, per Miha, uses a few simple principles:

  1. Everything good and bad begins and ends with you, the entrepreneur
  2. Hearing “NO” is important so you can change what needs to be changed and find success
  3. Belief alone is not enough. You have to put the work in.

We wrap up our conversation with a Miha’s description of what type of entrepreneur is a good fit for the Framework 4 Freedom. You can get more details about this and even take a brief survey to make sure it’s right for you on his website (link below). I really enjoyed our conversation today, and I know many listeners are going to hear this interview and find exactly what they’ve been looking for to get their business off the ground. Be sure to listen to the entire episode at your convenience. We’ll see you next time!

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