Join Our Design Team

  • Application Instructions

    Since we are currently looking for a well rounded designer to help with various tasks we ask you to complete the following tasks so we can gauge your design skills before having a follow up interview.

    1. Cut Out This Image

    Please take the photo below (right click and open image in a new tab, right click and save the image) and cut out around the face and eliminate the green background. Upload the completed PSD file and also a png file with a transparent background.

  • Drop files here or
  • 2. Create a Simple Logo

    We often need to create simple logos for our customer websites. For this part of the application please create a logo for this imaginary company.

    Name: Conner Moving Company

    Tagline: Safe reliable movers since 1984

    Please upload the Adobe Illustrator file and also a .png and .jpg file

    The jpg file should be 450px wide.

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    Accepted file types: ai, png, psd, jpg, pdf.
  • 3. Create an Ad Image

    Please create a 300px wide by 250px high banner ad to promote our product Copywriter Today.

    You can view the site here: and choose your own ad copy.

    Please upload the PSD file and a jpg file as well.

  • Drop files here or
  • 4. Mockup a New Homepage

    Please visit this url (opens in a new tab): and review the basic homepage.

    Create a new design and then upload the PSD and jpg file below.
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  • Visit (opens in a new tab) and screenshot the entire desktop showing your speed results.